01 May 2013

Government Takeover

"The decision to scale back security at the Benghazi outpost went up all the way to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton."

New revelations in the Benghazi attack. At the very least now we can say Clinton, as well as other elements within the State Department, knew about the attack and let it happen. She is, by definition, guilty of treason, the only crime defined by the Constitution (Article III Section 3), giving aid to an enemy of the United States (removing security when there were numerous pleas from the ambassador himself for increased security because he had strong cause for concern that an attack was imminent).

At the same time DHS is buying ammunition (two billion rounds) to price it out of the range where law abiding citizens can get it and practice their Second Ammendment rights. Sure, the government will let us keep our guns, but bullets are another matter. We can have all the guns we want, but without ammunition those guns are useless. This is a staged takeover of the country.