05 June 2013

The Urban Assessment Numero Dos

So just what is The Urban Mystic about? Surprisingly it has little to do with mysticism (only 19 posts - just 4% - are labeled "mysticism") or urbanism, and I'm not sure how much of "the" it is. Here is every label that appears more than 20 times, and my thoughts. An update of what I did in 2011.

Death 22 (it's so generic)
Atheism 24 (you know, I don't have anything witty to say for this one)
Bible 24 (really fun to analyse)
Fascism 24 (the new normal)
Fundamaterialism 26 (an old fav)
Islam 26 (such a silly topic)
Irked-Confusion Studios 27 (I was just labeling everything IC in the early days)
Communism 28 (we're all communists now, right?)
Jews 28 (the most dumped on group of people in history)
New World Order 28 (they're watching)
Warfare 29 (a whole lot happened in the world as a direct result of warfare)
2012 31 (and the world DIDN'T end)
Christianity 32 (the most frequently mentioned religion)
Israel 32 (and the lies people tell about it)
Philosophy 33 (and I STILL haven't done my "End of Philosophy" piece yet)
Barack Obama 35 (unfortunately he seems to be everywhere today)
Liberal Racists 37 (because everyone else talks about the other kind of racist, I'm providing balance)
Other 38 (whatever doesn't fit any other labels)
Politics 41 (another one I wish didn't appear so often)
News 42 (plus analysis and the admonition to make up your own mind)
REAL Science 54 (as opposed to the made up kind)
Perspective 56 (the more perspectives you take on the more you grow)
The Urban Mystic 56 (this is the most self-referential thing ever, with the main page linking to itself twice)
2011 57 (an eventful year)
History 73 (my obsession)
USA 107 (a quarter of all posts!)

How have things changed since 2011? Death, Fascism, Islam, New World Order, and 2012 have joined the list, with several of them being created after 2011. God, Mysticism, Religion, Hinduism, India, Uri Geller, and a slew of global warming topics have dropped off. Of the top 5 Perspective was added and REAL Science moved down (they switched places, 1 and 6).

The Urban Mystic seems to be moving from the Absolute to the relative, dealing more with worldly issues of dire consequence rather than spiritual or more esoteric matters. It reflects a shift into less optimism for the future as crazies take more and more power, threatening our freedom. It's something to think about.