27 July 2013

The Litmus Test: "Will You Shoot Americans?"

The Department of Homeland Insecurity, an unconstitutional quasi-military government organisation established under Capital Bush and strengthened and expanded under Zero for the sole purpose of taking over the United States from within. Returning veterans are at the very top of the watch list for potential terrorists, followed by constitutionalists, small government enthusiasts, libertarians, and gun owners. Eliminating veterans are important. They are the one group of people who have the training, experience, and organisational skills necessary to decapitate this naked power grab before it is complete and save the country. The NWO must eliminate them at all costs, either through suicide by forcing them on more tours of duty than the human mind can take and deadly psychotropic drugs, or outright killing them like all those "coincidental" helicopter crashes, like the one in Afghanistan in 2011 that killed 38 people, including 15 members of the famous SEAL Team Six.

Americans respond to every power grab by buying more guns and ammunition, so DHS responds by purchasing enough ammunition to kill every American 70 times over and preparing the military and the newly militarised police to use that ammo to kill Americans.