22 August 2013

The American Himmler

The infamous Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaiois at it again. This is that guy who likes to put on asinine spectacles to get attention like everyone else who has ever lived who has put on asinine spectacles. It's about ego stroking (maybe stroking something else too).

I am convinced he is violating the human and Constitutional rights of his inmates through his practices, putting people awaiting trial in tents where temperatures soar high enough to cause permanent brain damage and death, feeding them inadequate or unhealthy food, keeping them in unhealthy crowded conditions (everyone awaiting trial is innocent until proven guilty, so he's basically trying to kill innocent people, and even if they were guilty that doesn't make his treatment of these people any less disgusting. People have died in his shithole prisons and the county has paid millions to their families and still this motherfucker stays in power.). He embezzles money left and right, he uses his power to silence critics and obstruct justice, and is a worse monster than the people he is incarcerating.

Well, the American Himmler is at it again. His deputies, dressed in non-regulation camouflage, left Maricopa County to illegally police the border when they came across three militia men who were armed. There was an armed standoff between the deputies and the men, who thought they were drug smugglers, ending with one of the men being arrested. The militia men were not in violation of any law, walking around unclaimed wilderness with guns. When the deputies identified themselves as law enforcement, albeit law enforcement outside its jurisdiction, they complied with orders and put up no resistance.

The militia men were out protecting their homes from the Mexican cartels who have taken over the border. Self defense is something every creature has an innate right to, but the power hungry piece of shit Arpaio, who has conducted illegal operations on the border, outside his jurisdiction multiple times, wants a monopoly of force and threw his massive gut, I mean weight, I mean he's fat around.

“I have to commend my deputy for not killing this person, which easily could have happened,” Arpaio said. “He’s lucky he didn’t see 30 rounds fired into him.” Yeah, I bet he gets a real hard on at the thought of his personal army going out and killing people. 

30 rounds for one guy, seriously? That's excessive force, which is also illegal. It's also just plain stupid. There were three militia men there. Arpaio's deputy would unload his magazine into one man and then what would happen? If they were real Mexican cartel smugglers or just plain pissed off people he would get killed by the two other armed men while he is trying to reload. Arpaio is posturing, trying to use frighten law abiding citizens from exercising their Constitutional right to walk around the desert with a gun.

I no longer wonder what country I live in. It isn't America, and beyond that I don't care to know which totalitarian state it is.