03 September 2013

Why Russia, Iran, and whoever else wants in on the gang bang should co nfront and attack the United States

Yes, the misspelling in the title is intentional. Sometimes I type these fast and make errors (they are fixed in the archive version, and sometimes here if I catch them in time), but this error is for comedic effect.

You see, I received an email from someone calling himself Raul English. Well, actually, the email was sent to julie@nurturingyoursuccess.com, and I just received it somehow else. The subject of the email provided the title of this post, complete with error. The message contains something purporting to be an article written by someone called "Independent Correspondent Aaron Chaney".

Funny thing is, I can't find to which publication Aaron Chaney corresponds. The only other place on the net he appears, as far as I can tell, is the comments section of a USA Today article and a Russia Today article, both on Syria, and both left by someone on Facebook called Alexander Argentina, who is some kind of a loser who writes fictitious news correspondences on his page.

The actual content of the email is either a farce or a testament to the sorry state of our public education system. I can't tell if a monkey hammered away at a keyboard or some genius sunk hours into crafting a subtle and brilliant piece of mockery. It jumps around from Bush and Iraq to Libya to Egypt to Obama in Syria in no particular order with only the most gossamer threads tying these otherwise incoherent ramblings together. Gigantomonstrohippopotamus-sized words are used to look smart in places followed by crude colloquialisms and numerous uses of the word "Nigger".

With a backlog of four topics and an impending war over weapons of mass destruction that do not exist, I am glad I took the time to look at the lighter side of life. Thank you, mystery person who sent me this email. This Bud's for you.