30 September 2013

The Government "Shut Down" In Plain Fucking English

The government is going to shut down and it will be the end of the world!!!!!1

Actually, no. The government has "shut down" many times in the past forty years, usually for 1 to 3 days. The last, and longest, "shut down" was in 1996 as a birthday present to me, and it remains the greatest present I have ever gotten. It lasted 28 days. Most government employees, deemed "essential" keep working, though they have to wait until the end of the year to get back pay for the few days the government was "shut down."

Here's why there's going to be a "shut down." The extremely unpopular, unconstitutional ZeroCare tax law, which is so unpopular and destructive that Zero himself has granted waivers to everyone who supported it and has illegally postponed parts of the law himself through executive fiat doesn't want the bad conservatives from saving the American people (me) from having to pay hundreds of dollars a month because we are uninsured. The evil conservatives want to continue funding the government, they don't want it to shut down, and they have repeatedly called for special conference committees (the normal course of action) to reach a compromise. Zero cries "WAAAA!!!! WAAAA!!!!! BABY WANTS A ZIMA!!!!!!" The Demoncrats say "all or nothing, even though Zero HIMSELF postponed parts of his own law you evil conservatives are not allowed to postpone anything. We are willing to let everyone in America die if our lord or lords god of gods Zero does not get his way." The media are repeating the lies the Demoncrats. "Why do you hate orphans and want old people to eat cat food? Why do you want to keep Americans from getting the bestest health care in the universe, that's so good that people in Briton die of dehydration in the waiting room trying to drink from potted plants and their bodies are left there for three days and people are flocking in droves from Canada to get care in the US? Health care so good that other countries around the world are going back to an evil market based system because it doesn't work, never has worked, never will work, is just an excuse by statists to take control of the entire economy and punish poor people?"

Fuck you obama, fuck you very much.