07 December 2013

A Minarchist Justification of Taxation

Basic points to take away from this very short (4 minute) video:
*Governments are inevitable
*Elected governments are better than warlords
*People should be compensated for their work, including elected officials
*Something has to pay government wages, and that is what taxation is for

Now, there may be some confusion about the title. I'm not saying I'm a minarchist, or anything else for that matter (besides a constitutionalist, as that is the rules of the government we have in place and, since we have them, we should follow those rules and not just invent things on the fly without justification or oversight, but that is not to say I think we have an optimal constitution or anything). My own thoughts on an "ideal society 1000 years from now" can be found, pretty much in this video:

A framework of working out different issues with government can be found in my Integral Politics series.