12 December 2013

Funeral Fiasco!

Millions (I guess) attended the funeral of South Africa's most famous native son Nelson Mandela. It was meant to be a solemn occasion, admiring how a radical communist terrorist turned his life around while in prison and adopted love instead of revenge. Instead it was a circus of horrors.

The sign language guy at the funeral had a schizophrenic episode and made meaningless hand gestures instead of real sign language. He also has a history of violence and they let him get within three feet of the President Oblahblah. Guess the Secret Service was drunk that day - very drunk.


Speaking of Oblahblah, he took a selfie next to Mandela's dead body. He then gave a speech in which he talked entirely about himself, not mentioning Mandela once. In total he used the words "I," "Me," "My," and other first person pronouns 5,724 times. His wife was disgusted. The photographer who took the picture of Oblahblah's wife being disgusted at Oblahblah's behaviour apologised and then committed suicide for shaming his one true god. Oh, yeah, Oblahblah also Frenched some blonde.