23 December 2013

Free Will and Individual Liberty

A VERY abridged version of my very long Duck Dynasty piece.

Why can't businesses discriminate against whomever they want? Because mommy and daddy government want the children to play nice? Because the enlightened bureaucrats know better than us? Why can't we treat the businesses, the workers, and the customers like adults? If a business doesn't want to hire someone, fine. If a people don't want to shop there as a result, fine. Markets adjust and societies reach equilibrium without needing to be micromanaged by a top-down bureaucracy.

The attitude of the power elite and the lemmings who support them right there is the non-problem of evil. God, the ultimate parent, lets us have free will to choose to be good or not so we'll grow up on our own. The all powerful authoritarian nanny state wants to keep us in Matrix pods where we can't hurt ourselves or anyone else (WE can't, but they hurt us all the time with the deadly psychotropic drugs they push on everyone, endless abortions, GMO foods, and hormones and fluoride in our water), and where we can't make any of our own choices. And all this time I thought they were "pro-choice"! No, they're pro-abortion and anti-choice. They don't want us to have free will and as such we cannot say we are living in a free society.

REAL crimes against persons and property (murder, arson, theft, rape) still have consequences in this world, just as there are consequences for transgressing God's law as well, but to force people to "get along" and to force people to do business with people they do not want is totalitarian evil. It is anti-free will, it is forced will. Thought and will are no longer free and so society is no longer free.

If a person is forced to be good that person's deeds are no longer good because they are meaningless. Forcing someone to do good is slavery, and forcing someone to give charity is theft, and silencing dissent and punishing thought crimes is rape of the mind and soul. These actions are all the hallmark of tyranny.

Maybe if we stop treating adults like children they will stop acting like children.