28 March 2014

Hypocrites part 2


Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh say for years how Oblahblah is bad and how they want a leader like Vladimir Putin, then when the CIA funds literal Nazis in Ukraine to overthrow the government and Putin steps in when the people of Crimea ask him for protection, all of a sudden Beck and Limbaugh are saying "Please, Oblahblah, invade Russia to stop Putin! The Cold War! My country, right or wrong!"

Putin is the only world leader who is standing up to the globalists. He cares deeply for Russia and her people and will not let the New World Order in Brussels tell him to dismantle everything he has done to rebuild Russia from a century of destruction.

Let's face it, the Cold War ended and the United States and Soviet Union switched places. The US is now the evil empire and Russia is as close to a good guy as you're ever going to get in this world.

Hypocrites part 1


Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh say for years how Oblahblah is bad and how they want a leader like Vladimir Putin, then when the CIA funds literal Nazis in Ukraine to overthrow the government and Putin steps in when the people of Crimea ask him for protection, all of a sudden Beck and Limbaugh are saying "Please, Oblahblah, invade Russia to stop Putin! The Cold War! My country, right or wrong!"

Beck even said on his radio program that he prays for God to kill Putin.

Putin is the only world leader who is standing up to the globalists. He cares deeply for Russia and her people and will not let the New World Order in Brussels tell him to dismantle everything he has done to rebuild Russia from a century of destruction.

Expect the Limbaugh picture soon.

24 March 2014

Project Orion

Project Orion was an inter-planetary space craft capable of carrying thousands of tons and hundreds of people to Mars and the outer satellites in human survivable time scales (a trip to the nearest star, 4 light years away, would take 130 years). It used the force from thousands of hydrogen bombs to propel itself, achieving a level of efficiency impossible for chemical rockets.

Project Orion had to be a military project because it involved cheap, low-yield, directional hydrogen bombs. Being a military project it had to be developed from a tool for space exploration to the ultimate planet killing weapon. Being a weapon it frightened a lot of people who didn't want to see something that destructive exist. And so it was cancelled.

It would take 1000 H-bombs to get to orbit, producing enough fallout to kill 1 person somewhere on the Earth every time it was launched from the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is also the only off the shelf technology available to get us to Mars or intercept asteroids in weeks instead of years.

21 March 2014

Life at a Japanese Zen Monastery

This is what the West is missing. You can't live like that, you have to pay "property tax" which means you rent the land you live on from the government. The existence of "property tax" binds you to the wage slave economy. You cannot escape and become self-sufficient. You cannot have true monasticism and simple living with the economic system of the West.

"Peter Barakan interviews Muho Noelke, the German abbot of Antaiji, a Zen monastery that is located deep in the mountains, close to the Japanese sea. The community commits itself to the practice of zazen and the study of the Buddha's teaching, while cultivating the fields around the temple, cutting grass and trees and doing construction work to keep self-sufficient. Muho explains about zazen, community life and the relation between teacher and student."

18 March 2014

A Big Steaming Pile

It's the most absurd thing ever, picking up after your dog. It's sick. I'm going to go walking down the street with a bag of shit waving back and forth, back and forth, stinking and bouncing against my thigh. It's disgusting. I want five minutes alone with whoever came up with that law. Why not just leave it in the street, where it will biodegrade in a couple days. That plastic bag, that's covered in shit, that can't be used for anything else, will last a million years. That bullshit law has just turned a week long problem into a problem that will far beyond the point where all our bones have turned to dust.

I can understand not letting the dog go on someone's lawn. This one prick, her dog pissed on my lawn while she was talking to me. She should thank God I wasn't armed at that moment or it would have been the last mistake she ever made. I don't want to mow my lawn and find a turd, I can understand that, but the street? What's the harm leaving it in the street?

Birds can shit wherever they want, and with those damn geese it's WORSE than human turds. They are a biological hazard and totally destroy whatever environment they invade. Squirrels can shit wherever they want, deer, bears, every animal can shit wherever it wants, but not dogs. What the fuck? What makes dog shit, specifically, so hazardous while geese shit is perfectly sanitary and nobody need pick it up? Whoever invented this law, I want to chop off his balls and choke him to death with them.

"Wastewater treatment system is NOT designed to filter dog waste!"
But it filters bird waste no problem? What's the difference? It filters EVERY kind of animal waste EXCEPT dogs? That's bullshit right there.

"Our natural ecosystem can handle 2 dogs per square mile."
Then where the fuck did dogs come from? I'm pretty sure there was a time when there were more than 2 wild dogs alive in the same square mile eating and mating, otherwise there wouldn't be any dogs around today.

"According to the EPA dog poop is as toxic to the environment as chemical and oil spills."
Bullshit. Don't be fucking stupid. A chemical spill in India killed thousands of people overnight. Never once has thousands of people died from a fucking dog turd.


What more, people BUY shit - they call it "Menwar" to make it sound fancy - to spread on their lawns to make it grow, but that's not DOG shit, that's special French shit that's so expensive it has to be clean and beautiful! All those chemical fertilizers and pesticides, no problem at all. That's certainly not going into the water supply. But a turd! A fucking turd! That's the worst thing evar!

Give me a fucking break.

17 March 2014

Saint Patrick

It's Saint Patrick's Day, the day celebrating the patron saint of Ireland, who was so fed up with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking island that he kicked them all out. That's right, he kicked them out. If only he could have come back and kick the English off the island too, he could have saved millions of lives.

Now, let me tell you a little about the Irish. They're one of those people who have suffered a tremendous great deal. In the 1850s the English tried to murder all the Irish to take their land, so when a blight came and rotted out all the potatoes (that's the problem with a monoculture, but the potato is a fantastic food in good times. Combined with milk it provides all the nutrition an adult needs to survive.) the English overlords refused to send food relief. The English did not create the blight, but they did create the famine by taking advantage of the blight to starve the Irish off their land. 1 million people, a third of the total population, died. I don't know if Amnesty International considers it a genocide, but I do. A million more people left to come to America.

In America they were treated worse than shit. They came over in the bowels of ships, in such wretched filth that one sick person could infect the whole lot of them by the time they crossed the ocean. One whole ship was wiped out completely from cholera in a single afternoon. On land they had to be quarantined (which means held for 40 days) before they could join the general public. Back then the US government held immigrants for 40 days to make sure they were disease free. Now 30 million just jump the border and those fucks in Dumbfuckistan want to give them all citizenship. I want to vomit thinking about it.

In America the Irish had to live fifty people to a single room of about 1000 square feet with paper thin walls, no heat, no running water. If the building caught fire, and they often did, nobody gave a fuck because they're just Irish. Let them burn, we can always get more.

They were given the shitest, most dangerous jobs on the continent (the only worse jobs in the whole planet were on "guano islands" where thousands of Chinese "Coolies" had to dig mountains of petrified bird shit to turn into gunpowder). They built this country. If not for the Irish the US would not be an industrial giant.

Then in 1916 civil war breaks out because the Irish got fed up with their English overlords, who failed in their genocide. The war continues for nearly a century as they try to kick the English off their land. A few years ago they reached an agreement.

All the while the Irish have been turned into cartoons, leprechauns, drunks. Their day has been turned into an excuse by non-Irish people to get drunk and start fights. Their parade has been taken over by perverts in leather thongs and stiletto boots. The people who life has shat on for two centuries are still getting shat on.

There, go and enjoy yourself now.


Nonconformity as Mental Illness (Post 500)

Autism, depression, schizophrenia... now in Australia questioning authority and introversion are officially a mental illness (but the desire to cut off your genitals and inject yourself with massive quantities of dangerous hormones for the rest of your, now shorter, life is curiously classified as sane). And how is it that one in 70 children now has autism? Is the human genome disintegrating at mind blowing speeds, or maybe it has something to do with the fact that there is no reliable test for diagnosing autism in children younger than five years old, when most diagnoses are made? Maybe if we follow the money we can uncover the truth behind the push to label everyone as possessing an incurable illness that requires lifelong, and expensive, treatment.

Runs 38 minutes.

11 March 2014

Bullshit Feminism

Why does the mere act of advocating for men and boys earn knee-jerk accusations of misogyny? Why the bad reaction when anyone dares to say, "What about the men?" Why is it okay to criticize men but not women? What are the underlying instincts at play in our perceptions of male and female? And why will it all be nearly impossible to change?

09 March 2014

Ukranian Trade War

The EU and NATO want to surround Russia to eliminate all threat to their power. They want to take Ukraine for themselves to get the natural gas. This is the same reason they got rid of Gaddaffi, because with him gone they can loot Libya's fuel without a strong nationalist leader to tell the globalists to get lost.

07 March 2014

The Third World War

Amidst the global crisis Russia has sent troops into the Crimea to secure its critical naval base as well as the Russian people living in the peninsula. Far from the good, honest, tight-jeaned, freedom loving young people trying to cast off the evil homerphobic Russian yoke, the truth is the CIA and George Soros are paying for these rioters to destabilize the region and cripple Russia. Russia is fighting the New World Order, fighting against the West from imposing its rule, not t'other way round. Think about it. There is no sane reason for Ukraine to join the European Union, whose creates more debt per year than the GDP of Ukraine. Ukraine will not get any money from joining the EU, but Russia has promised money if Ukraine stays away from the EU. Ukraine will not get any freedom from joining the EU, as Greece, Spain, and other countries have already discovered. Trade policies regulate everything from countries not being able to fish in their own territorial waters to the maximum legal bend for imported bananas. Besides, there is no reason to become a member of the EU to enter into trade agreements with the EU.

But there is a natural gas pipeline that passes through Ukraine. And Russia can turn off the tap and leave the eurofascists in Brussels in the dark. The EU wants to develop energy resources in Eastern Europe, and to do this they need to weaken Russia. It's all about the money. (Just like the supposed "anti-gay" laws that the good brainless Western youngsters protested, when in reality Russia is trying to limit the influence of Western media from sexualizing their children, and Hollywood and Madison Avenue, facing the possibility of losing a huge market, put out a campaign to demonize Russia by making up a totally bogus story about "anti-gay" laws. As homosexual activist Brian Heiss points out, the United States has stricter laws against gays than Russia does - just as Mexico has stricter laws against immigration than the US, but that didn't stop the Mexican president from condemning Arizona's border patrol initiative which was positively tame compared to the Mexican laws that allow the deportation of any LEGAL immigrant for any reason without a moment's notice!) You follow the money and you'll find that corrupt, evil elements within the Western governments are trying to destroy Russia because Putin is on a crusade to limit globalist banker influence in his country.

This is the eve of the Third World War. The Crimean government unanimously passed a referendum to leave Ukraine and join Russia again (Crimea is an independent republic within Ukraine. Crimea was paired with Ukraine in the 1950s to "Russify" the region. In 1992 the government of Crimea voted to become part of Ukraine, and just yesterday they voted to leave Ukraine and go back to Russia. This is totally legal. The West hiring snipers at the behest of neo-Nazis in Ukraine is, on t'other hand, totally illegal.). If the United States does not back down this war will turn hot. There is no way to defeat Russia in a ground war, and the only alternative would be a nuclear exchange with the 27,000 warheads that will render large portions of the Northern Hemisphere uninhabitable for hundreds of years.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, one of the leading experts on the region, explains succinctly the gravity of this situation and how we got here. This is the most important 33 minutes of video of the twenty-first century. Watch this video in its entirety. Share it with everyone you know. Only an informed public can  stop the New World Order in its tracks. Rise up, resist.