28 March 2014

Hypocrites part 2


Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh say for years how Oblahblah is bad and how they want a leader like Vladimir Putin, then when the CIA funds literal Nazis in Ukraine to overthrow the government and Putin steps in when the people of Crimea ask him for protection, all of a sudden Beck and Limbaugh are saying "Please, Oblahblah, invade Russia to stop Putin! The Cold War! My country, right or wrong!"

Putin is the only world leader who is standing up to the globalists. He cares deeply for Russia and her people and will not let the New World Order in Brussels tell him to dismantle everything he has done to rebuild Russia from a century of destruction.

Let's face it, the Cold War ended and the United States and Soviet Union switched places. The US is now the evil empire and Russia is as close to a good guy as you're ever going to get in this world.

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