29 June 2014

Dante's Peak

I watched Dante's Peak today for the first time in years. Did you know you have to wait about 40 minutes before anything happens? They want to set up the bullshit love story between the single mom and Pierce Brosnan, who is one of the least convincing scientists I've ever seen. It's a movie about a volcano, I came to see the volcano, I don't care about what all these humans are doing.

Anyway, there is a subplot with a NASA robot that looks like it's wasting a lot of time (and it is), but the radio transmitter turns out to be something useful during the last five minutes. It's kind of an ass pull solution to having Pierce and his new family survive.

Oh look, another subplot with the stubborn mother-in-law, who dies anyway, to inject even more unneeded melodrama into the story! Pierce and his new family go out of their way to rescue her, twenty minutes go by, they get trapped by the volcano, and wouldn't you know it the old woman jumps into the acid lake for no reason, gets seriously burned, and dies two minutes later. But they needed a way to get Pierce and his new family trapped so they could use the stupid NASA thing that they wasted another twenty minutes explaining, so they had to do this, right?

Pierce's boss justifiably refuses to go against all reason, evidence, and the opinions of nine other scientists, and order an evacuation of the town because of Pierce's gut reaction. It doesn't matter that Pierce has NOTHING supporting him (except the old frog in the pot aphorism, which he pulls out of nowhere and looks ridiculous compared to the nine other geologists real life stories of hundreds of real life volcanoes that did the same thing and didn't erupt). It doesn't matter that there has been no activity for a week and that Pierce comes off as a lunatic who is trying to score with the mayor (and probably does when they're trapped in the convenient cave). Nope. Pierce's boss is evil (and FAT! They have to make the designated villain the fattest person in the whole movie, because we all know fat people are evil and sexy beefcake Pierce Brosnan is good because he's sexy.). Pierce's boss MUST die in a mudslide, get flipped over, and girly scream before being crushed to death. He's probably the only person in the whole movie we actually see get killed and they had to give him a comical death because if you EVER disagree with Pierce Brosnan about ANYTHING you MUST DIE! It's not even enough that he apologised on the phone to Pierce before getting killed. Nope. You must die. And girly scream. I'm surprised they didn't show him peeing his pants, given everything else they did to humiliate him.

But the dog has to live, right? THE DOG HAS TO LIVE! And hey, it looks like it was never in any danger ever. Good job. You saved the dog that was in maybe thirty seconds of the movie. The humans who did absolutely nothing wrong? Nope. Kill them with extreme prejudice. But the totally unimportant dog has to live.

The volcano has liquid lava and then explodes, which I'm not saying could never happen, but I don't think it ever has. Sure, it can happen. The atoms in my body can quantum tunnel into orbit around Jupiter and I can freeze to death, but it probably will never happen. Having highly fluid lava pretty much rules out the possibility of an explosive eruption, which requires very thick lava that traps all the gas inside until it blows.

Pierce finds an abandoned truck with no keys and hotwires it in two seconds. Because all geologists can hotwire all vehicles if they are sexy enough.

Pierce then drives his magic truck through a lava flow safely. I'll give you a few minutes to let that sink in. Pierce drives his magic truck through a lava flow safely. The tires should have burst the second they touched the lava, and everyone inside should have been killed by the heat at the very least. We see the wheel wells raging with flames, for five minutes while he's driving through lava, LAVA, and nothing happens. He just drives through lava and nothing happens.

They outrun the 800 mph pyroclastic flow which instantly obliterates the whole town, but we all know an abandoned truck caked with volcanic ash that Pierce Brosnan hotwired then drove through lava can travel at 801 mph. He drives it into a cave, which should have been a death trap, but he's Pierce Brosnan, so he lives. And now he has a new family because there's nothing traumatising about surviving a volcanic eruption. Nope. Pierce gets to bang the single mom and gets to play daddy to her two kids who are the reason the whole second half of the movie even happened, because they are too dumb to live. And how did the 8 year old boy even reach the peddles on the truck, let alone drive it ten plus miles up the volcano to rescue the stubborn mother-in-law? Doesn't matter, because happy ending.

This movie really blows.

24 June 2014

The World Gone Mad 2014 Update


Let's see, Iraq has been conquered by ISIS, the Egyptian goddess of sewing dead bodies back together. It's apt, since they're trying to sew the caliphate back together. Baghdad and Damascus were the capitals of the caliphate a thousand years ago and for good measure they want to capture both. Tens of thousands are dead already and they've taken control of almost the entire country in a couple weeks.
My Reaction: I don't care. Let them have Iraq. Enough American blood has been spilled there for nothing.

Iran and Saudi Arabia are waging proxy war in Syria, which ISIS is also trying to conquer. They're trying to lour the US to war there because the Saudis want to eliminate their greatest threat in the region but they don't want their own sons to die and they know the Americans are stupid and suicidal. Israel has started bombing Syria.
My Reaction: Let them. Bomb the whole country for all I care. It makes no sense for the US to get involved, kick out Assad like they did Saddam, and hand the country over to the monsters who want to erase everything that's happened in the past 500 years.

There appears to be a cease fire between Ukraine, which was conquered by the CIA in a covert coup last year, and Russia, who the CIA backed Ukrainian puppet government attacked unprovoked. The EU wants the US to go to war with Russia because they don't want their own sons to die eliminating the only major opposition to globalist domination of the entire universe.
My Reaction: Russia should take everything up the Dnieper. The Russian half of the country will be far freer than they are now. It will be a tremendous improvement for the lives of everyone on the planet. The US definitely should not intervene. It would be like Russia intervening in a war between the US and Canada.

Bozo's Harem abducted even more people. Oblahblah still doesn't care enough to do more than let his wife invent a #hashtag. Here's one for you: #saveyourbreath
My Reaction: Didn't I just give it?

Tens of thousands of illegals, styled as yuuuuth, including over 24,000 adult males who need free underwear badly, are spreading STDs throughout the camps with their incessant sexual activity, and are gang members covered head to foot in gang tattoos, walked over the border and now ICE has to take care of them. These felons, mostly from Guatemala and Honduras, are here because someone, probably Eric Holder, told them the US is easy to sneak into and now is the perfect time to do it. This criminal piece of shit, this traitor who should be hanged by the neck until he is dead, who has violated the law every chance he can, who has broken every part of the Constitution there is, who advises the attorneys general of all the 50 states to commit felonies by not enforcing laws they don't like, is one of the evilest men on the planet. He absolutely is. He's one of the worst criminals we have in this country. Hundreds of drug resistant diseases that were wiped out in this country a century ago have now been reintroduced by this flood of humanity. This is exactly what happened when the Roman empire collapsed. Tens of thousands of Visigoths just crossed the border and Rome let them stay and within 20 years they burned Rome to the ground and the empire that had ruled the world for 12 centuries crumbled to dust. The same thing happened to China, and the empires of the Americas, and Egypt, and every single time a huge population just migrated to another civilisation that civilisation collapsed. Every time. But no one will listen because they want to watch the slut-dashians slip on a banana peal and expose themselves, or they want to listen to some racist rapper complain about racism while being the biggest racist on the planet, or they want to install six types of new lavatories in public schools for kids who think they're werewolves and Martians. That's what passes for news today. There hasn't been this much turmoil in the world since the Second World War and people are campaigning for "bathroom equality" as if that's more important than the thousands of veterans dying for lack of medical treatment, or the real possibility of ten dollar gas because barbarians have captured the Iraqi oil fields and are building towers of decapitated heads, or the seventeen trillion dollars of debt that the US will NEVER pay off, or diseases my grandparents didn't even have to worry about coming back with a vengeance. None of that matters. The hundreds of thousands of people dying and suffering in the world don't matter as long as one kid gets to make a thousand kids uncomfortable by using the bathroom of his choice. That's what's really important.

Well y'all can go to Hell, because I'm out of here. As soon as I save up a little bit of money I'm leaving and I'm not looking back.

22 June 2014

Why We Must Fight Against Child Protective Services

A CPS whistle blower lays down the case why CPS is probably the greatest evil in the United States and why it should be abolished. Three big reasons: 1. the state owns your children and can do with them what they want; 2. CPS is unconstitutional, violating amendments 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 14; 3. CPS gets more money for the more children they abduct, just like the prison-industrial complex gets more money for the more people they incarcerate; 4. children abducted by CPS are six times more likely to die then if they were left with their supposedly abusive parents.
Runs 10 minutes.

19 June 2014

The Land of the Disappearing Buddha

A look at Zen in Japan (37 years ago). Runs 52 minutes.

13 June 2014

Suspicion Regarding Prahlad Jani

You might remember the famous ascetic who went fifteen days without eating or drinking with no adverse health effects. The octogenarian from Gujarat makes the claim of not taking food or water since the age of eleven, 72 years. Jani appears in the documentary The Boy with Divine Powers about "Buddha Boy" Dharma Sanga (Palden Dorje), in which he is compared to the then explosively popular young Nepalese monk who had fasted for six months under a tree. Here is a clip from that program (runs 9:31):

He also appeared in a film In The Beginning there was Light about breatharianism, the supposed ability to subsist off of nothing but sunlight. One Swiss woman watched the film then starved herself to death in spite of the film's warnings not to give up eating. Here is a clip from that program (runs 8:30):

Well, here is a story from 2010 that I just discovered from ABC News. It comes with an accompanying video (runs 6:17):

ABC US News | ABC Celebrity News

Now, the article does appear to be an assassination piece by skep-cock Sanal Edamaruku, head of the Indian Irrationalist Association. As I mentioned previously, the term "rationalist" means someone who believes true knowledge cannot be attained through the senses, only through the rational mind. This is in sharp contrast with people like Edamaruku who believes that the mind doesn't exist, that everything is dead matter, and that knowledge can only come from the senses. Fundamaterialist skep-dick debunkers like to hijack the word "rationalist" and "rational" to mean its opposite, just like they like to hijack the word "nothing" to mean "the quantum vacuum that has existed forever into the past".

In the article lies are made about Sai Baba being "debunked" in youtube videos (the videos are of such poor quality that several professional magicians affirm it is impossible to draw any conclusions one way or the other). It also makes the totally bullshit assertion that belief in miracles is holding India back from "progress" (you know, "progressive"*, like a disease). "Progress" into what exactly I'm not sure. Red China under Mao's cultural revolution, the moral asshole of the universe that is Belgium where it is legal to murder ("euthanize") your children and parents when they become too much of a hassle for you, or maybe a Brave New World where everyone is drugged and brainwashed by the all powerful government? Because we all know that there has never been a single godless country that turned evil.

But I dye grass.

From the article: "On a tour of the "cave," as Jani called it -- actually a comfortable studio apartment -- "Nightline's" cameras caught sight of a working refrigerator. When asked about it, one of his minders immediately became defensive and said we could not look inside."

That is very suspicious. It is not proof of fraud, as the refrigerator could be there for any number of reasons (for the benefit of his handlers, who are mere mortals, who still need food or possibly medicine or insulin that requires refrigeration), but it is suspicious that a man who claims to have not eaten in seven decades has a refrigerator in his apartment. It's one piece of evidence against the two medical tests where Jani fasted for several days. Certainly I don't think it's possible to draw any conclusions. But it is interesting.

*You can't spell "progressive" without "SS"

09 June 2014


What will the world look like 100 years from now? Taking clues from the past century can provide us with a simple yet fairly accurate assessment of the next century.

A short video that makes an astute observation regarding basic human nature in a fun way.

02 June 2014

Dating Anything

More along the lines of Dreams of Genesis and Dating Creation.

You meet a man in front of a very old looking house. He says the house has been in his family for ten generations and is over 400 years old. It sure looks old. The cobblestone steps are worn from thousands of footfalls, the wall around the property is covered with vines, the stucco is peeling in places, the wood creaks, there is a smell of mildew inside the house. You might notice that the floor boards are much wider than they are cut today. The walls may be solid construction, filled with earth between layers of brick. To all your senses the house may appear to be four centuries old.

However, appearances can be deceiving. You should be very skeptical of your thoughts and perceptions. What you think you see, what you think you want, it all may be false.

Every day you dream you create a whole world in minutes. That world might appear to be very old. An old house you see may have an occupant that tells you the illustrious history of the estate, but that house that looks four centuries old didn't exist five minutes ago.

It would be very difficult to tell the difference between a house that is 400 years old and a house that was created minutes ago to be 400 years old. It may be impossible. Even inventing a time machine would not be able to answer the problem, because the very act of going back in time changes history, so you can never then observe the unaltered original timeline. There would be no "original" timeline separate from the altered timeline, just one timeline in which you went back in time.  That's why I would place a limitation on the power of time machines. It may be that you can never travel back to a time before the time machine was first turned on, otherwise you would change history by bringing the time machine to a time before it existed. A time machine could never do anything that would negate its own existence, and so it could never go back in time before it itself existed.

This goes back to the problem of dating anything that was never observed. The house, you can say people observed it. The owner may claim to be tenth generation family living on an old plot of land given to his ancestors. There may well be documentation corroborating the story. Very well. For practical reasons it would be wise to accept the story. It can't be proven, not apodictically, not to the same rigor as self awareness. I know I exist; it's self evident. But other minds, the external world, all that, it's a matter of faith. And so it's a matter of faith that this house has been in this man's family for four centuries.

I guess you could say this relates to a problem that has irked me since I first heard it. What if this moment you were the first being to have a conscious thought? All your memories are fake, created this very moment. Your entire life never happened, you only think you have. Can you prove or disprove this?

The world, on the other hand, has not been observed. There are no records left by past observers we take on faith as other minds. There is no difference between a world that is a billion years old, a world that is a million years old created to look like it's a billion years old, and a world that was created yesterday to appear a billion years old. How do you create something a billion years old? How do you create a world as old as it appears in your dreams every night? How would you create the Matrix to appear older than it really is?

What about radioactive decay? That can't be faked, can it? Let's suppose that geology can be faked, so we can't use stratigraphy. Geologic layers can be rearranged. It's not that uncommon to read science fiction with alien races powerful enough to create planets from scratch. But isotopic ratios can't be faked, can they? Why not? We're talking about a sufficiently powerful being, aliens, God, Descartes' evil demon, whoever. Why not manipulate the isotopic ratios in every substance to appear younger or older than they really are?

Some people would argue God would never deceive us like that, but is it deception? Is the intention to deceive? Are you deceiving yourself in your dreams? To deceive is to make one believe something that is not true, but what if you're not supposed to believe the world is real? What if you're supposed to know it's fake and the real deception is the deception we perpetrate on ourselves when we believe in the world? Think of it like a movie. You know it's fake, but it's rousing good fun. The deception is when you convince yourself the movie is real and you get scared walking home at night that the killer on the screen might be after you.

Why does the house in the dream appear to be 400 years old? Maybe because it's fun. It's not deception if it's a game. Why does the world appear to be billions of years old? Maybe because an older world is more fun.

And that's where mysticism comes in. That's where waking up comes in. Then you know the world isn't real. Does that make life any easier? No, it makes life harder because you contemplate going along with all the people still living in the dream, following the motions; you can never go back, never accept the world as real again, and if you're not having any fun to begin with then you wonder why you keep beating your head against the wall playing a game you despise. Life doesn't get any easier when you wake up, but it does get funnier. And one of the things you laugh at most is yourself.