12 October 2014

Ebola in the United States

The "difficult to transmit" Ebola virus that was brought into the US, remember. The nurse who treated the evacuated Liberian man who recently died is confirmed to have contracted the disease. God help us. If Ebola can spread in a US hospital then it can spread anywhere. This isn't just ignorant Africans getting infected because they don't know how to handle the disease, this is people who absolutely know what to do, with more money than fifty African countries combined, and the most advanced equipment on the planet getting infected. And that's not the worst of it. Hospital workers getting infected is bad enough, but this man was released from the hospital after he had developed fever and was later re-admitted before he died. There could be hundreds of people he had contact with during the time he is unaccounted for.

I can't stand that guy. Tom Freakin, the head of the Centers for Disease Dissemination. He is absolutely evil. There is not one single molecule of good in his body. The way he talks down to you in his monotone robotic speech, the blatant lies he tells every time he opens his mouth. This man wants people to die from Ebola. He really does.

The head of SOUTHCOM, General John F. Kelly, spoke to a subordinate who saw Liberians in Central America heading up toward New York City illegally. He states "If there is an outbreak of Ebola in the Caribbean or Central America it would make the 68 thousand unaccompanied children look like a small problem." If Ebola gets to Nicaragua, or Panama, or anywhere else, it will be a repeat of what we see in West Africa. If just one infected person makes it to New York, that person will be in contact with tens of thousands of people each day. If just one percent contract the disease we could see hundreds of cases inside one month. That alone will totally overwhelm the medical infrastructure of the city (remember, they need to be placed in special biohazard wings of these hospitals). And if that happens then martial law will have to be declared.

This is exactly the scenario from my book 7 Days. Every other prediction from the book has so far come true, as I have detailed here. At the time I was surprised to see this last prediction had not happened yet. Now it appears that it has begun.

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