31 December 2014

Top Ten of 2014

 1. Rainbow Rocks
Without question, the undisputed champion of 2014 was the sequel to Equestria Girls. We got a cuteness overload with Sunset Shimmer and Sonata Dusk, some great songs, a couple okay songs, LyraBon shipping, Maud, Trixie trying to hog the spotlight, and human nerd Twilight, among other memorable moments. If you haven't watched it yet I suggest you do. It's only 75 minutes long, you've nothing to lose.

2. The War in Ukraine
The US, through the CIA, is trying to start World War III with Russia by staging a coup in Ukraine and then condemning Russia for acting on behalf of the will of the vast majority of the people in Crimea to rescue them from persecution. I guess the US is the only country allowed to invade other countries on the flimsiest of pretense (Iraq, Libya). NATO wants to encircle Russia and gain control of the natural gas in Ukraine, and floats bogus stories about Russian paramilitary agents blowing up airplanes and Putin shoveling homosexuals into ovens, all in an effort to win over the morons watching cable television to go along with yet another foreign war, this time against an opponent with five thousand city-killing nukes.

3. Feminazism
2014 has been a year where the feminazis have butted heads with just about everyone, but this may be the last gasps of a dying movement. More women are rejecting feminism, amidst a waves of men refusing to marry only to have their money and their children stolen from them by a crooked "justice" system, and the realisation that Western women are the most privileged group of people in the history of the world. The left's anti-intellectualism tries to silence dissenters, such as Norah Vincent and Camille Paglia, but it is only a matter of time before feminism breathes its last. Before that happens expect more asinine spectacles like gamergate and shirtgate.

4. Ebola
The scariest disease in the world is still killing thousands of people in Africa, and the CDC ADMITTED to lying about the number of infected people in the United States, but the hype quickly died down as fads do in the twenty-first century, to the point where people will call you a fearmongerer if you even mention Ebola, and they'll call you a racialist if you talk about the first rule of epidemiology, which is quarantine the infected.

5. Suspicion Regarding Prahlad Jani
The fasting fakir may well be a faker, owing to the fact that a fridge was found in his beautifully appointed apartment. His chelas maintain that he uses it to keep water, his only nourishment. In the absence of further evidence there are really no conclusions we can draw about the curious case of Prahlad Jani.

6. Zen Buddhism in Japan 
Whether we're doing hard time in a Zen monastery or are searching for Buddha in the modern world, you seemed to enjoy these brief excursions into spiritual authenticity.

7. Charlene Cothran Speaks Out
Charlene Cothran, former gay activist and publisher of Venus magazine, exposes the political and pop culture tactics the homosexual lobby uses to try to take over Western civilisation.
8. Do It Yourself Dowsing
Francis Hitching, controversial archaeologist and dowser, explains how the practice of detecting underground water might work and provides you with a few experiments you can carry out for yourself to hone this skill.

9. The War Against Cold Fusion
The global elite - bankers, oil companies, greedy politicians, the scientistic establishment - move heaven and earth to kill the ultimate in green energy. Energy independence, the end of global terrorism, cleaning all the pollution in the world, providing cheap, clean water and medicine to people in the third world, all of this is possible through cold fusion. You better believe the billionaires and the military-industrial complex don't want this technology to see the light of day.

10. Dr. Peter Fenwick
Dr. Fenwick explains the near death experience and its implications for medicine and the way we live our lives, and possibly beyond.

28 December 2014

What Drives Radical Islam?

Why do all these really hardcore jihadis come from the West? "Jihadi John", the man in all those beheading videos, is from Britain, all the 9/11 terrorists were educated in Western universities. Why? All of a sudden, in a flash of insight, it makes sense. The West is so empty of meaning, so narcissistic, so apathetic, so materialistic, suffused with extreme relativism and leftism that despises religion, despises family, despises community, worships sin. When I see Westerners practice other religions – Hinduism, Buddhism – about 90% seem to me to be fake, empty. Most Christians seem fake, most Jews seem fake, but there are still millions of Westerners who are authentic Christians and Jews, but when they practice other religions it comes across as nothing but feel-good-ism. These people hate Christianity and authentic Western values, the values that led to a few backwater kingdoms in Europe to dominate the entire world in a couple of centuries, to rise above everything all other empires had created, to develop modern science, to develop industry, to delve into the depths of space and microscopic physics, these people hate the values that built all that. They want to get together, to practice "religion" with no strings attached: no sin, no morality aside from progressivism. They're all hippie leftists. Occasionally you'll get a Westerner to adopt religion fully, like Muho Noelke, the German man who became a Zen abbot, but most are just cafeteria style "spiritual but not religious" leftists. Disgusted by the lack of values, the lack of true religion in the West, the men who become jihadis latch onto the one system that promises them the rigor and authenticity they seek: radical Islam. It reaches its hand out to them, beckoning them to kill the Western world that has embraced everything they despise. Ken Wilber says that these people reject modernity, but they don't, they reject boomeritis, they reject the diseased version of modernity, not the healthy version of modernity that existed up until the 1950s. To defeat Jihad we need a rebirth of religion in the West. No military solution will do. Bombing jihadis will solve the problem for now, but they'll always keep coming back, just like the tumor that you cut out will keep growing back. Jihad is a disease of the mind, and no pill, no surgery can cure the mind, only right thinking can cure the mind. The only cure for bad religion is good religion.

06 December 2014

Creative Education

Orson Scott Card talks about how the public education system is designed to kill creativity and children's ability to enjoy learning. He mentions how homework is counterproductive and evil, which alone makes this worth listening to.
Runs 18 minutes

Dean Radin's Extraordinary Synchronicity Story

Dean Radin wanted to create a psi laboratory many years ago. So did Jon Krakower. This is the fascinating story of how they met. Runs 7:40.

04 December 2014

Building a Civilization of Love

Catholic priest Rev. Jeffrey Mickler explains what love really is, what it is not, why every society in history has built itself around the natural family, and what horrors result from modern societies breaking with fifty thousand years of common sense. Runs 30 minutes.