12 January 2014

The Disappearance of Native Languages and the Globalist Agenda

As y'all know the New World Order seeks to eliminate nine tenths of the human race. The power elite will benefit from cybernetic technology that will let them live for thousands of years and the slave scum will provide replacement body parts and act out gladiatorial style blood sport for the entertainment of human hating satanists. They sneak their agenda through the legislation using code words like "rights," "equality," "fairness," and "fair share," which all are totally meaningless and are left up to the interpretation of whatever lemming is listening to the empty clothes which contain no emperor speak, just like "hope" and "change". Their objective is literally to see to it that as many abortions are carried out as possible, the sterilisation of the genetically impure (nearly everyone), and the total brainwashing of the children so they'll turn against their parents and kill them. Every tyrant through history has had this same end in mind, from the Hitler Youth who would murder their parents and run away to the army, to Mao's cultural revolutionaries who went around destroying five thousand years of Chinese history and slaughtering millions, to the Turkic invaders like Mahmoud of Ghazni and Timur who wanted to exterminate the entire population of India in the name of their perverted view of Islam.

Today it's called "progressivism" and it is literally a mental illness. These aren't "liberals." Liberals actually care about a lot of good stuff like living wages, anti-corporatism, and protecting the environment. Progressives are statist eugenicist devil worshipers. They are. Videos shot illegally at Bohemian Grove show their human sacrifices to Satan. The so called "loving" super rich who pay no taxes but push for higher taxes on the dwindling middle class like Bill Gates give poison vaccines to millions of people in the third world and try to wipe out minority demographic groups in places like the Philippines through forced abortion and sterilisation.

The latest pet issue of the progressive NWO is the total destruction of the family by redefining marriage to be about transient sexual enjoyment rather than procreation and treating children as property and trafficking them away from loving families to people who want living fashion accessories. (Side note: Dr. James Cantor from Toronto has come out and announced that pedophilia is a sexual orientation and should be protected under the law, and in Italy a 60 year old man was allowed to legally rape an 11 year old girl because she supposedly "consented" to the sex. The slippery slope argument is not a fallacy when the warnings start coming true a month later. By the way, there are 2.5 to 3 times as many pedophiles in America as there are Homosexuals - assuming there is no overlap - and if it's "biological"* and "can't be changed"** and if 11 year olds can consent to sex you'll be a hypocrite if you don't legalise pedophile marriage too.)

As I have stated before, I have no problem with homosexuality at all. Nor do I want to change their sexual preferences. I have condemned the monsterous barbarism in Iran and Saudi Arabia that causes the deaths of thousands of homosexuals every year for the crime of existing. This ideology is a stain on humanity.

What I am opposing here is the globalist agenda to usurp the freedom of the people and rule over us by fiat. When a single unelected bureaucrat who is accountable to no one can legislate by decree then EVERYONE's voice is silenced, even if you agree with that decree. As the Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution says, EVERYTHING that is not explicitely stated in the Constitution is the sole domain of the states to decide. The states, meaning the people of the states, meaning the people get to vote on the issue, including what does and does not constitute marriage. And no, this is not an issue of "fundamental human rights that are too important to be left up to the vote." Slavery was ended by vote. Full stop. Women got to vote because the issue was put to the vote. Every right (whether real or illusory) that has been recognised legally has been voted upon. Every one. You get to vote on the issues pertaining to your state and if you don't like the outcome you can vote with your feet. Some dictator in a black robe cannot steal the votes of tens of millions of people. If you can't see how dangerous that is letting one activist judge decide what is and is not law for millions of people then you're not smart enough to take part in the democratic process and I would suggest you limit your political activities to building ant farms, but that would be animal cruelty.

But I dye grass. Here is a piece on the disappearance of the Gaelic language and how it is being organised by the NWO in Scotland as part of their eugenics operations:

Most discussions of LGBT school curriculum (also of ‘same-sex marriage’ and LGBT parenting) revolve around issues of freedom and rights. This is as true of social conservatives as it is for revisionists. What few people realise is that all of these policies stem from a prior agenda that is unspoken in western countries, namely an anti-natalist approach to demography.

What is the anti-natalist philosophy?

Western states have tacitly embraced policies and laws that have as their likely outcome (and possibly their intended outcome) lowering the birth-rate so that it is below replacement level.

There are a host of factors that have contributed to this. Here I want to focus on what embracing anti-natalist attitudes (such as viewing homosexuality as ‘normal’), and attacking people who don’t hold those views (for example, people who consider homosexuality to be ‘abnormal’), looks like when a small minority population whose very survival is in question is involved.

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