14 January 2014

Moron Young People

I forgot, people fifty years ago were so "backward" and "repressive" and "uneducated." That's why there were a thousand times as many engineers in this country as there are today. That's why we went to the Moon 12 times with computers less powerful than the average wrist watch is today. That's why we built the Panama Canal. Yep. People sure were "backward" and "uneducated" back then. That's why an 1850s eighth grade proficiency exam is so difficult that college graduates can't pass it today. That's why the average IQ in America is expected to drop to just two points above mental retardation over the next twenty years, why the average highschool graduate can't make change or read at a fourth grade level and doesn't know how many states there are or who the vice president is. But they are the "good enlightened sexually liberated" progressives who know better than us, when they've never done a single thing in their entire lives and never will because they're a disease. They are leaches on society.

It would be funny if people laughed at these morons and mocked them, because they deserve to be mocked. They deserve to be mocked back to the basements they crawled out from so we can take society back and take academia back and start getting more native math and science degrees instead of having to import all our smart people from overseas. It's true. The school system is so badly broken that there aren't enough smart people in America anymore so we have to import them from other countries. Without the intellectual visas that are handed out by the hundreds every year this country would have collapsed already. It's foreigners who are keeping this country going, whether they invent our new technologies or buy our debt or pick fruit in our orchards. If it wasn't for foreigners this country would be gone already.

It's disgusting. It was once fashionable to be smart in America. People used to hang out in taverns and debate things, now they just want to get high and have sex. The life of the average young person is totally consumed with personal pleasure, and it's disgusting. They don't want to become professionals. They don't want to be surgeons or engineers and build the new telecommunications network or fix our electrical grid that's badly out of date and is seriously vulnerable to systemic collapse. They don't want to build safe thorium nuclear reactors to get us off of fossil fuels, or figure out how to reclaim waste so we can reuse it without making a mess. All they want is to play on their iphones and have sex, that's it. It makes me want to vomit.