19 January 2014

Here's Why We Win

In nature, which always triumphs, the one with the most children is able to out compete everyone else. The progressives who have at best one, or no children, there is no way they can beat religious people in the long run, as a central tenant of most religions is to have lots of children and spread out over the earth. Someone with one child is, genetically, a loser compared to someone with seven children. In fact, the only reason progressives still exist in 2014 is because they spent the 20th century culling the population of religious people, with the murder of over half a billion (China CELEBRATES 500 million abortions since Mao took over, to say nothing of the 200+ million killed during all the atheistic regimes - with a single Germanic pagan occult exception). Progressivism can only exist by murdering vast numbers of religious people.

It doesn't matter if short term trends indicate a growth of secularism over the past fifty years. Fifty years is a blink of the eye in terms of natural time scales. Written history occupies only about 0.0025% of the total amount of time humans have been around, and that was 5000 years. Secularism is over if it keeps oppressing religion the way it is, and if secular people keep trying to bring about their own extinction by not breeding.

It is the very conceit of these people that will be their downfall. A culture that values individual pleasure over strong communities and lots of children is, in evolutionary terms, dysfunctional. It is an aberration, a disease, a mistake nature will soon correct. That is why Japan will collapse before the end of the century, as will China. Russia is taking steps to correct the situation before it is too late, by curtailing abortions which currently outnumber live births (more babies in Russia are murdered than are actually born!). Russia is taking the hard steps necessary for biological survival by telling the children "your personal pleasure does not trump the needs of society," a lesson many in the West refuse to listen to (Remember Star Trek, when Spock sacrificed himself? And we still haven't learned).

The United States? The Dollar is over. There is absolutely no saving it. Many countries are already dumping the Dollar when purchasing oil. The economy WILL collapse, totally, and soon. And when it does all the fashionable people who love abortions, hate guns, and have eliminated from themselves all manner of survival instincts while praising their bestial sexcapades, will be among the first wave to go in the mass die-offs. Before 2100, and I'm predicting closer to 2064, progressivism will be over. Secularism in the United States will be over. Nature will correct itself, as it always does, and to the breeders go the spoils. They may celebrate the victories they have stolen, the worst generation in the history of the planet may celebrate their whole childless lives (unless they purchase children as status symbols) in their progressive wonderland, but they're it. They will be the last generation to celebrate their sickness. The future belongs to the religious.