30 January 2014

Moron Diversity

Diversity is a sin. A school in NY ended its gifted children program because there were too many white kids. "The program no longer represents the diversity of the student body." It's a sin. They punish the smart kids because they're white. Diversity is the REAL racism, not the phony racism that the media all spout when they say everyone who opposes the antichrist president is racist. Anyone who can let all nine of their brain cells fire simultaneously to form a coherent thought can see the president is evil and has done nothing but destroy America. You would have to be mentally retarded or one of his cronies to think he's done a good job at anything except destroy America.

There have only ever been three groups of people who ever did anything original and profound for humanity.

The Indians invented astronomy and mathematics. The Chinese ADMIT they stole everything from India. Astronomy and mathematics moved West to Persia and Egypt from India. The Arabs? The Arabs are the absolute worst. They stole everything they ever had and then blamed the people they destroyed whose cultures they gutted for allowing them to fall behind. The Arabs are the great wrecking ball of history, destroying everything in their path, seeking to eliminate all history and culture and reduce everyone else to slaves whose extortion they need to survive because the overlords themselves never work. You didn't know that, did you? You didn't know the horror of the "great" Al Andalus, did you? Where the Christians and Jews were third-class citizens who had to pay extortion and couldn't practice their religions except in an ever dwindling number of churches and synagogues that were constantly being bulldozed to make room for more conquest mosques? It was the exact opposite of what you learned in "school", that brainwashing camp you went to to teach you the glory of "multiculturalism" and "diversity".

The Mediterraneans then invented Western Civilisation and all the great things that came with it. They invented Hellenism and commerce. The Indians were totally content with staying where they were. They saw no reason to travel, no reason to trade, but the Greeks and later Romans saw the value of trade and engaged with India.

And then the Germans, with their independent streak, they took their own brand of Western Civilisation all across the world. The English WERE Germans. English is a Germanic language. The fact that the Romans were unable to bring Germania under their control allowed the German princes to remain independent, which created the liberal democracies of the West. That was back when liberal didn't mean socialist. It still has the original meaning back in Europe. In Europe they never forgot what liberal meant. From Wikipedia:

"Classical liberalism is a political philosophy and ideology belonging to liberalism in which primary emphasis is placed on securing the freedom of the individual by limiting the power of the government. The philosophy emerged as a response to the Industrial Revolution and urbanization in the 19th century in Europe and the United States. It advocates civil liberties with a limited government under the rule of law, private property, and belief in laissez-faire economic policy."

The people in control in Washington are the exact opposite of liberal, according to the original definition. But we all know the people in Washington don't give a shit about the definition of words, so that doesn't bother them.

"According to William J. Novak, however, liberalism in the United States shifted, "between 1877 and 1937...from laissez-faire constitutionalism to New Deal statism, from classical liberalism to democratic social-welfarism"."

In America they're not liberals anymore, they're "progressives". They want to spread misery and slavery progressively, like a disease. It's like AIDS or Tuberculosis, that progressively eats the body, only progressiveism eats the body politic, and they're almost finished. Before 2016 they'll be done and you better have and exit strategy. Look toward moving to Switzerland or Iceland or Russia, one of the countries that sees what's going on and is resisting the globalists.

The REAL State of the Union

After Oblahblah rambled on about how great he is for hours and got a standing ovation for declaring himself dictator for life, Senator Rand Paul delivered the REAL state of the union.