08 February 2014

Did Dilbert Jump The Shark?

Have y'all seen the new Dilbert comic strip? Asok is now gay, despite having shown interest in women over the past twenty years, because Scott Adams is protesting the Supreme Court of India's decision to not review the legality of the totally unenforceable law banning gay sex. A law that, by the way, has been around since 1860. 154 years the law has been around, the Dilbert comic has been around for 25 years, and it's just now that Scott Adams is offended. I'm confused.

He's not troubled by the organised rape gangs, the thousands of girls that are abducted every year and sold into sex slavery in Pakistan, ongoing civil war in the North East with Maoist guerrillas that's been raging for decades, 60 years of constant warfare with Pakistan over a totally uninhabitable glacier that has seen millions killed, sex-selective abortion and female infanticide that kill millions every year. Nope. He's all of a sudden offended by a 154 year old law that can't be enforced because there's no way to know who's having sex with whom unless one of the parties involved is a moron and goes to the police station to confess.

Why is he offended now? Why not any time in the previous 25 years? And why is he offended by a law that is impossible to enforce unless people actually have sex in public for all to see when there are millions of people dying in India every year because of the thousands of other problems they have? If you ask me, and this is just me, throwing babies into trash bins because they are girls is much more offensive than a law that says "you can't have sex with certain people, but if I turn and look the other way no one will stop you."

And why choose to create two Dilbert comics in a row that contain no jokes, no levity, just overt insults aimed at a billion people? He didn't even TRY to work the total retcon of one of the main characters into a story, he just came out and did it out in the open.

Don't forget, this is the same Scott Adams who a few years ago made a joke about a gay employee dating an entire soccer team and scamming the company. And now he's getting pissy over a 154 year old law that hasn't stopped anyone from having sex before and won't stop anyone from having sex in the future.

I think he's starting to become senile in his old age. After all, Scott Adams did produce a long, cuss-filled rant about how he basically wants 60+% of the human race to be brutally murdered for not allowing him to kill his father who died naturally minutes after he posted the rant! We're not talking about someone who is acting rationally anymore.

I've noticed a decline in the past few years in the quality of Dilbert, but this is the first time Scott said "fuck it, creativity is too hard, I'm just taking one of my online rants and putting it into a comic." I have little hope this will blow over and I can get back to laughing at obfuscating customer service and incompetent bosses. I think maybe Dilbert has run its course and there is nothing new left to say about this bespectacled engineer.