07 March 2014

The Third World War

Amidst the global crisis Russia has sent troops into the Crimea to secure its critical naval base as well as the Russian people living in the peninsula. Far from the good, honest, tight-jeaned, freedom loving young people trying to cast off the evil homerphobic Russian yoke, the truth is the CIA and George Soros are paying for these rioters to destabilize the region and cripple Russia. Russia is fighting the New World Order, fighting against the West from imposing its rule, not t'other way round. Think about it. There is no sane reason for Ukraine to join the European Union, whose creates more debt per year than the GDP of Ukraine. Ukraine will not get any money from joining the EU, but Russia has promised money if Ukraine stays away from the EU. Ukraine will not get any freedom from joining the EU, as Greece, Spain, and other countries have already discovered. Trade policies regulate everything from countries not being able to fish in their own territorial waters to the maximum legal bend for imported bananas. Besides, there is no reason to become a member of the EU to enter into trade agreements with the EU.

But there is a natural gas pipeline that passes through Ukraine. And Russia can turn off the tap and leave the eurofascists in Brussels in the dark. The EU wants to develop energy resources in Eastern Europe, and to do this they need to weaken Russia. It's all about the money. (Just like the supposed "anti-gay" laws that the good brainless Western youngsters protested, when in reality Russia is trying to limit the influence of Western media from sexualizing their children, and Hollywood and Madison Avenue, facing the possibility of losing a huge market, put out a campaign to demonize Russia by making up a totally bogus story about "anti-gay" laws. As homosexual activist Brian Heiss points out, the United States has stricter laws against gays than Russia does - just as Mexico has stricter laws against immigration than the US, but that didn't stop the Mexican president from condemning Arizona's border patrol initiative which was positively tame compared to the Mexican laws that allow the deportation of any LEGAL immigrant for any reason without a moment's notice!) You follow the money and you'll find that corrupt, evil elements within the Western governments are trying to destroy Russia because Putin is on a crusade to limit globalist banker influence in his country.

This is the eve of the Third World War. The Crimean government unanimously passed a referendum to leave Ukraine and join Russia again (Crimea is an independent republic within Ukraine. Crimea was paired with Ukraine in the 1950s to "Russify" the region. In 1992 the government of Crimea voted to become part of Ukraine, and just yesterday they voted to leave Ukraine and go back to Russia. This is totally legal. The West hiring snipers at the behest of neo-Nazis in Ukraine is, on t'other hand, totally illegal.). If the United States does not back down this war will turn hot. There is no way to defeat Russia in a ground war, and the only alternative would be a nuclear exchange with the 27,000 warheads that will render large portions of the Northern Hemisphere uninhabitable for hundreds of years.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, one of the leading experts on the region, explains succinctly the gravity of this situation and how we got here. This is the most important 33 minutes of video of the twenty-first century. Watch this video in its entirety. Share it with everyone you know. Only an informed public can  stop the New World Order in its tracks. Rise up, resist.