15 April 2014

Can We Take This Country Back?

The showdown at the Bundy ranch ended with the BLM, a quasi-military organisation in the US government that operates completely without oversight of any kind, backing off after a group of patriots marched toward their guns unafraid of their death threats. Not willing to be seen opening fire on hundreds of unarmed Americans, they fell back. The BLM wants to take Cliven Bundy off the public land, which he pays usage fees to the State of Nevada to use, so a fictitious solar power company which is paying big contribution dollars to Harry Reid can move in and start laundering money. The BLM, which kills thousands of wild horses and other animals every year, cooked up some cock and balls story about saving the desert tortoise, which is in the midst of a population boom so great that only months ago the BLM was rounding up tortoises and killing them.

Now it is up to these patriots, joined by thousands others, to march to Washington and demand the government step down so the Constitution can be restored.