08 May 2014

The Death of European Democracy

The birthplace of democracy was the first place in the world to kill it with continent-wide dictatorship. Pat Condell here is nothing short of brilliant.

The Demon Agenda

Every year I feel more like Agent Smith. I hate this place and I want out. These repulsive creatures surround me, touching me with their filthy hands, trying to infect me. I don't know what I did to deserve getting thrown into this prison, but it must have been really bad. I must have been Charlie Manson evil if they threw me in the dungeon all these years and just forgot about me.

That's how they get to you. They try to drill into your mind that you're meat and nothing more. You're biology. You popped out, and POOF, someone turned a switch and turned you on for the first time and then years later someone turns the switch, packs you up, ships you return to sender. It's a lie, it's all bullshit, it's a trick to get you trapped into thinking and doing what they want you to do.

And humans just eat it up. Someone 100 years ago found out the secret to programming humans and ever since has been on a campaign to reprogram the entire species, and has mostly succeeded spectacularly. 100 years and nearly three billion humans have been totally reprogrammed. You know, that's more humans than were alive 100 years ago. There were only two billion humans, and now they've already reprogrammed three billion humans. The rest, the other three billion? They'll be dead. Africa will be killed entirely, so will most of Asia. The evil overlords will kill all the undesirables with their super armies of reprogrammed soldiers willing to die for nothing. That way they'll kill off two whole groups of people, leaving the whole world for themselves and a few select slaves.

But I see through it. They designed this mind technique to work on human minds, but I don't have a human mind. I've been exiled on this planet of wretched filth, but I didn't come from here. They can't reprogram me. And I think they know it, because they're not human either. They wear these skins to fit in among the humans, but they were never human to begin with. That's how they can control the humans. They are a far older and more powerful race, having honed their skills at manipulation over millions of years, spreading from planet to planet, blending in with the native population, and taking over. They will not stop until they have destroyed every world and there is nothing left anywhere.

See, these bodies, these meat suits, they're not you. If they trick you into thinking you're meat then you're subject to the laws of meat, the limitations of meat. They don't want you to know you're more than meat, that you can control meat, bend meat to your will. They want your power, and you willingly give it to them, because they've gotten you to believe you are meat. Meat is food, but they don't eat it, they eat your power. They need it to live. They need to get good people to do bad things because that gives them power. But they can never steal your power. They can never make you do anything, there's no fun in that, no sport. You have to willingly give up your own power and your own free will to them. Being able to manipulate people, to control people, getting people to willingly bow before them is like a cosmic orgasm. Just killing someone, that's nothing, there's no trip to that, but getting someone to kill oneself, that gives them so much power.