28 May 2014

Spontaneous Human Combustion

In the program Weird or What? with William Shatner, they do a story about spontaneous human combustion. The video below is set to start on that segment.

Spontaneous human combustion. Can the human body just burst into flames? This is one of those things that's scary as hell. I don't believe at all in the "wick effect" that skep-cocks like to push. So, someone is accidentally set on fire (the one skep-cock in this video says that matches from the man's oxygen tank set him on fire, yet none of the matches were burned and the oxygen tank in the room didn't explode. You would think if anything in that room would have reacted to fire it would have been oxygen, but the fire stayed localized around his body. And how the hell can one of the matches fly off the table, light itself, land on the man, and set him on fire?) and the person just stays there, not moving, for six or seven hours, until the body is reduced to ash, and NOTHING flammable in the surrounding area is affected? Bullshit. I don't know about you, but if just shaking someone is enough to wake one up I'm thinking being engulfed in flames is something that's pretty damn hard to sleep through. "Yeah, I've had a rough day, so I'm just going to sit here and not move while the fire consumes my entire body." I'm pretty sure no one would say that. Even those few people who set themselves on fire in protest were in control of the fire. Had they accidentally been set on fire in their own homes while sitting down and relaxing they wouldn't just keep sitting there and die.

"That's why you can sit by a campfire and not get burned."
Yeah, the human body, which is mostly water, and is covered with a layer of sweat is difficult to ignite, and the updraft from the campfire is pulling air away from the people sitting around it, and the campfire is outside, surrounded by nonflammable material. A human body, in a house full of fuel, is burning for six hours straight and nothing else is burned? If I put a campfire inside my house you better believe shit will get real real quick, but if I put a magic "wick effect" body in my house POOF! Nothing else ignites. Magically.

The one guy, the son of a man who owns a funeral home, I think he would know a thing or two about burning bodies, and he said that after eight hours in a crematorium oven there's more left than what was found in that bedroom. You know, after burning a body in an oven the bones remain intact and have to be crushed into a powder, but here the bones were turned to dust by the heat alone. So, this body was exposed to several thousand degrees, for several hours, and nothing else in the house was touched despite temperatures several times above the ignition point of most household materials? No paper ignited, when exposed to several thousand degrees for most of the day? BULLSHIT!

Of course the real kicker is, the wick effect has been tested, including once on TV, and no one has ever been able to reproduce the effect of a body reduced to dust and the surroundings left unburned. And the same skep-cock on this program who mentioned toasting marshmallows called that TV test a success after seeing it was a failure. He's a liar and a fraud.

So, what's really going on? I don't know. It is something so rare I don't suspect we'll ever know, but the wick effect it ain't.