24 June 2014

The World Gone Mad 2014 Update


Let's see, Iraq has been conquered by ISIS, the Egyptian goddess of sewing dead bodies back together. It's apt, since they're trying to sew the caliphate back together. Baghdad and Damascus were the capitals of the caliphate a thousand years ago and for good measure they want to capture both. Tens of thousands are dead already and they've taken control of almost the entire country in a couple weeks.
My Reaction: I don't care. Let them have Iraq. Enough American blood has been spilled there for nothing.

Iran and Saudi Arabia are waging proxy war in Syria, which ISIS is also trying to conquer. They're trying to lour the US to war there because the Saudis want to eliminate their greatest threat in the region but they don't want their own sons to die and they know the Americans are stupid and suicidal. Israel has started bombing Syria.
My Reaction: Let them. Bomb the whole country for all I care. It makes no sense for the US to get involved, kick out Assad like they did Saddam, and hand the country over to the monsters who want to erase everything that's happened in the past 500 years.

There appears to be a cease fire between Ukraine, which was conquered by the CIA in a covert coup last year, and Russia, who the CIA backed Ukrainian puppet government attacked unprovoked. The EU wants the US to go to war with Russia because they don't want their own sons to die eliminating the only major opposition to globalist domination of the entire universe.
My Reaction: Russia should take everything up the Dnieper. The Russian half of the country will be far freer than they are now. It will be a tremendous improvement for the lives of everyone on the planet. The US definitely should not intervene. It would be like Russia intervening in a war between the US and Canada.

Bozo's Harem abducted even more people. Oblahblah still doesn't care enough to do more than let his wife invent a #hashtag. Here's one for you: #saveyourbreath
My Reaction: Didn't I just give it?

Tens of thousands of illegals, styled as yuuuuth, including over 24,000 adult males who need free underwear badly, are spreading STDs throughout the camps with their incessant sexual activity, and are gang members covered head to foot in gang tattoos, walked over the border and now ICE has to take care of them. These felons, mostly from Guatemala and Honduras, are here because someone, probably Eric Holder, told them the US is easy to sneak into and now is the perfect time to do it. This criminal piece of shit, this traitor who should be hanged by the neck until he is dead, who has violated the law every chance he can, who has broken every part of the Constitution there is, who advises the attorneys general of all the 50 states to commit felonies by not enforcing laws they don't like, is one of the evilest men on the planet. He absolutely is. He's one of the worst criminals we have in this country. Hundreds of drug resistant diseases that were wiped out in this country a century ago have now been reintroduced by this flood of humanity. This is exactly what happened when the Roman empire collapsed. Tens of thousands of Visigoths just crossed the border and Rome let them stay and within 20 years they burned Rome to the ground and the empire that had ruled the world for 12 centuries crumbled to dust. The same thing happened to China, and the empires of the Americas, and Egypt, and every single time a huge population just migrated to another civilisation that civilisation collapsed. Every time. But no one will listen because they want to watch the slut-dashians slip on a banana peal and expose themselves, or they want to listen to some racist rapper complain about racism while being the biggest racist on the planet, or they want to install six types of new lavatories in public schools for kids who think they're werewolves and Martians. That's what passes for news today. There hasn't been this much turmoil in the world since the Second World War and people are campaigning for "bathroom equality" as if that's more important than the thousands of veterans dying for lack of medical treatment, or the real possibility of ten dollar gas because barbarians have captured the Iraqi oil fields and are building towers of decapitated heads, or the seventeen trillion dollars of debt that the US will NEVER pay off, or diseases my grandparents didn't even have to worry about coming back with a vengeance. None of that matters. The hundreds of thousands of people dying and suffering in the world don't matter as long as one kid gets to make a thousand kids uncomfortable by using the bathroom of his choice. That's what's really important.

Well y'all can go to Hell, because I'm out of here. As soon as I save up a little bit of money I'm leaving and I'm not looking back.