27 January 2015

The Second Holocaust

Today is the day when we remember the Holocaust, an event that really happened and really was as bad as history says it was, despite what insane, brainwashed people on the far left and the far right want to believe. Humanity said they would never let this happen again, but it did happen again, and again, and again. Genocide never went away, only today it is being perpetrated by the one group who has infinite power in the West; the one group who is totally immune from all criticism: radical Muslims. Dare to point out Islamic hatred of Jews and you'll be called a racialist, you racialist.

Dare to point out that all the Islamic theocratic shithole countries surrounding Israel, countries that the left loves with all their heart, all treat women like property, all murder homosexuals on sight, all brainwash children with fanatical religious ideology, all outlaw or severely limit access to any form of entertainment, be it music, television, or sport, all treat the so called "Palestinians" as propaganda pieces, keeping them in refugee camps in Jordan and Egypt where they are not allowed at all to integrate into society, all treat anyone who is not a Muslim as a third-class citizen dhimmi, and all slaughter their animals in the most inhumane way possible, as proscribed by their religion, and you'll be called a racialist, you racialist.

Dare to point out that Israel is the only country in the region that is secular, is socialist, is pro-gay, is so pro-women that tens of thousands of women serve on the front line next to men in the military, is so multicultural that there are a significant percentage of government offices are held by Arab Muslims, and is responsible for inventing most of the technology that progressives in the West use daily, and you'll be called a racialist, you racialist.

Israel stands for everything progressives in the West love, and the Islamic theocracies stand for everything progressives despise, and yet, somehow, progressives are able to pull their heads out of their asses and say with a straight face and not a clue just how hypocritical they are, that they love the Islamic theocracies and hate Israel.

24 January 2015

Hijacking the Holy Land

You would have to be either a moron or a liar to think the "Fakestinians" have any legitimate claim to the land of Israel.

This has nothing to do with the Bible. Secular historical documents from Egypt, Greece, Persia, and Rome attest to the continuous habitation of the land of Israel by the Jews for 3300 years.

The indigenous inhabitants of the land now known as Israel were called Canaanites. We've no idea who they were, but a large number of archaeologists agree that the people known as the Israelites were just Canaanites who converted to Judaism, explaining the rapid assimilation of the two cultures. Anyway, Egyptian records attest to the existence of an established civilisation called Israel dating back to at least 1200 BC, meaning a nation-state called Israel, composed of Jews, existed in the area since at least 1300 BC.

In about AD 700 Muslim Arabs invaded and conquered the Graeco-Roman territory of Israel, renamed Palestine in AD 70 after the Jewish Revolt. They didn't colonise the area to any great extent, and many areas in the region were largely free of Arabs until the 1930s and 1940s.

Hard archaeological and historical evidence attests to the continuous Jewish habitation of the land for 3300 years. Muslim Arabs have been in the land for only 1300 years, about a third of the time. Hell, Greeks have a more legitimate claim to the land than Muslim Arabs, since they've been in the region since 332 BC, a whole thousand years longer than the Muslim Arabs.

The truth about the situation in Israel. Runs 1 hour 27 minutes.

17 January 2015

Benjamin Franklin: A Biography

A brief biography of Benjamin Franklin on his 309th birthday. Runs 8:48

13 January 2015

Interview With The Sage

Franklin Merrell-Wolff (11 July 1887 - 4 October 1985), affectionately referred by his followers as Dr. Wolff, was a brilliant American philosopher and mathematician who explored various religious movements (Sufism, Theosophy, Kriya Yoga), culminating in experience of Satori in 1936. In 1982 Faustin Bray conducted this interview with  in support of a documentary being produced to save an ashram he built in the Sierra Nevada. Runs 8:30

12 January 2015

Pyramid Secrets Revealed

Jean-Pierre Houdin, French architect, quit his job and sold his home so he could devote himself 24 hours a day for five years to solve the mystery of how the Great Pyramid was built. The result of all that work is probably the only credible hypothesis anyone has ever come up with. Working with Egyptologist Bob Brier, Houdin visits Egypt to look for evidence of his internal ramp hypothesis and does not leave empty handed. It turns out there is a lot of supporting evidence of an internal ramp. Houdin's hypothesis also explains the mystery of the Grand Gallery, a feature that appears in no other pyramid. He proposes that a series of sledges holding heavy counterweights were placed inside the Grand Gallery, permitting a handful of men to lift the mammoth 60 tonne granite stones found in the King's Chamber, a feat that would have been impossible to achieve with manpower alone. Houdin's hypothesis also explains the meaning of the machines that were said to be used to construct the pyramid. It turns out the whole structure was one giant machine after all, designed to build itself from the inside out. No aliens are required to explain the pyramid and our intelligence is not insulted with fanciful notions of thousands of men hauling stones up a giant ramp that would be many times larger than the pyramid itself.

Runs 51 minutes.

05 January 2015

Traitors and Tyrants

 photo yoursisafascinatingtribe_zps9b088b36.png

In the movie 300 Xerxes tells the spurned hunchback Ephialtes:

"Your gods were cruel to shape you so, friend Ephialtes. The Spartans too are cruel to reject you. But I am kind. Everything you could ever desire, every happiness you can imagine, every pleasure your fellow Greeks and your false gods have denied you, I will grant you, for I am kind. Embrace me as your king and as your God! Lead my soldiers to the hidden pass that empties behind the cursed Spartans and your joys will be endless. You will find I am kind. Unlike the cruel Leonidas who demanded that you stand, I require only that you kneel."

Ephialtes then betrays his own people so he can have a ceremonial position in the army that he was denied because he could not meet the fitness requirement of the Spartans and would endanger the soldiers' lives. His own selfishness leads to the deaths of the people he loved and admired the most.

We are seeing this in the West. Women who are unable to meet the fitness requirement to be soldiers or fire fighters are given positions that endanger others' lives out of political correctness. Unqualified minorities are given preference in jobs over overqualified whites. The tyrants in government, who seek to replace God with the State, hand out jobs to people who are unqualified for those jobs to win votes to stay in power.

Xerxes surrounds himself with "minorities" just like Western governments do. They talk about "fairness" and "equality", but the only thing they care about is maintaining power. Statists trick useful idiots into betraying their own people to divide and rule.

Occasionally a group of people will rise up to oppose them, like during the American Revolution, people willing to sacrifice their friends, their status, their possessions, and their lives for freedom. Most times people just accept their bondage and it's up to someone close to the dictator to put an end to their tyranny, like the servant who killed Nero or the door guards who let Stalin die of a stroke in his bed chamber when doctors could have saved him during the hours of agony he spent on the floor.

I pray for the former, to spare many innocent lives, even if they were complacent in their own enslavement.

04 January 2015

Richard Rose: Zen and Death

Do we want the Truth or do we want to be "educated"? There is a tendency of people in control, whether in universities or in governments, to want to "educate". Not for the Truth, but for the convenience of the moment, thinking they are the prophets of the zeitgeist, and by their manipulation of the public mind the will bring people around to the "right" direction.
- Richard Rose

Richard Rose talks on everything. He talks about the four categories of mystical experiences, how society conditions us to believe lies regarding who we are and what death is, the near death experience, and the importance of finding the Truth and who we really are. We exist before we are born and continue to exist after we die. The purpose of life is finding this Truth out for ourselves through direct experience. Runs 1 hour 10 minutes.