26 March 2015

Bill Maher Explains the Differences between Christianity and Islam

Bill Maher and I are at opposite ends of the political and social spectrum. Opposite ends of the religious spectrum too. This isn't a political issue. Progressives who attack every religion but defend Islam are legitimately insane. They are so afraid to be called racist (which doesn't make sense because Islam is not a race, it's an ideology practiced by people of all races) that they will be racist to avoid being seen as racist. I've said this before with regard to Israel:

Dare to point out that all the Islamic theocratic shithole countries surrounding Israel, countries that the left loves with all their heart, all treat women like property, all murder homosexuals on sight, all brainwash children with fanatical religious ideology, all outlaw or severely limit access to any form of entertainment, be it music, television, or sport, all treat the so called "Palestinians" as propaganda pieces, keeping them in refugee camps in Jordan and Egypt where they are not allowed at all to integrate into society, all treat anyone who is not a Muslim as a third-class citizen dhimmi, and all slaughter their animals in the most inhumane way possible, as proscribed by their religion, and you'll be called a racialist, you racialist.

Dare to point out that Israel is the only country in the region that is secular, is socialist, is pro-gay, is so pro-women that tens of thousands of women serve on the front line next to men in the military, is so multicultural that there are a significant percentage of government offices are held by Arab Muslims, and is responsible for inventing most of the technology that progressives in the West use daily, and you'll be called a racialist, you racialist.

Israel stands for everything progressives in the West love, and the Islamic theocracies stand for everything progressives despise, and yet, somehow, progressives are able to pull their heads out of their asses and say with a straight face and not a clue just how hypocritical they are, that they love the Islamic theocracies and hate Israel.

Think about it. The worst Christian groups in the US or Europe are assholes. They may disrupt soldiers' funerals with "God Hates Fags" signs, but that's it. They don't murder people for drawing a picture. They don't try to impose the laws of Leviticus on society. There is no Christian group with websites and billions of dollars of funding and terrorist training camps. And yet progressives will say "Christianity is far worse than Islam. What about the Crusades? Huh? The Spanish Inquisition?"

This isn't 500 years ago. We're not living in the Spanish Inquisition. This is today. Christians are not a threat today. Christian governments don't kill people for being gay, Christian governments don't kill women for getting raped, don't prohibit women from driving cars or force them to cover their entire bodies because men can't control their urge to rape when they see an inch of exposed skin or the curve of a body. As Maher says, if Vatican City started beheading people every progressive in the world would demand Christianity be outlawed, but Saudi Arabia beheads people all the time and progressives either ignore it or bend themselves into pretzels to defend it! The same progressives who oppose the death penalty support it when an Islamic country does it. The same progressives who want women in the West to be allowed to walk around naked without a care or so much as a sexual glance from a man have no problem with Islamic countries making women into nothing but sex objects, who can be married off before puberty, can be raped by their husbands daily, can't go outside without a male escort, and are required to wear a mobile tent because men don't value them as humans, only as sexual property.

Here's another Bill Maher clip where three progressives contort themselves into shapes that would make a yogi blush just to defend Islam.

Why do they do it? Why? Pat Condell has a suggestion.

He says that progressives hate themselves so much that they must vilify the Western culture they belong to while simultaneously deifying their antithesis, which is Islam. If progressives are pro-gay, socialist, feminist, secularists they must worship the violently anti-gay, anti-woman, theocratic Islamic regimes in other countries. I don't know if he's right, but it's the only answer that makes any sense that I can think of.

19 March 2015

An Hour with Camille Paglia

Literary critic Camille Paglia talks about the vacuity of contemporary culture, why the university system is broken, and how a growing focus on sex and sexual identities indicates the West is in decline. She explains that all leaders should serve in the military so they know war is hell and don't get us entangled in pointless adventures abroad, and also that the Left is totally divorced from the realities of the working class. A wonderful interview.

17 March 2015

Three Stages of Jihad

David Wood explains the three stages of jihad - how Islam infiltrates an area and claims victim status, then, when it gains strength, uses terrorism to "defend" itself from infidels, and then, after all enemies are subdued, aggressively spreads to a new area to make new populations submit. Runs 24:50.

Cults: Mormonism

Two videos, both produced by former Mormons. The first is a short primer on what Mormons actually believe, including God once being a mortal man from another planet who only later became God, spirit children being transported to Earth to live in human bodies, and becoming gods to rule over your own alien planets. Runs 4 minutes.

In the next video a former temple worker proposes a challenge as to what exactly will count for evidence that Mormonism is a fraud perpetrated by Joseph Smith and his successors. Runs 13:40.

Cults: How Mind Control Works

Former Mormon and physician Joshua (last name unclear) explains how cults employ mind control using the BITE model (Behavior control, Information control, Thought control, Emotional control) of Steven Hassan, famous cult expert. He explains the specifics with examples from Moromonism: how they control what you can, and cannot read, who you can and cannot interact with, what you can wear and eat, lies they tell about doctrine until you are higher level initiates, and exhausting members with constant activities. Runs 29 minutes.

15 March 2015

Cults: Scientology

Another hour long documentary, Secrets of Scientology, in which former top brass within the church blow the lid off its devious nature. Any thinking human already knows Scientology is an admitted scam invented by science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard to make loads of tax-free money.

The people in this video still believe in the doctrine of Scientology, but they reject the authority of the Church of Scientology, which is an evil, monolithic entity that seeks to control the lives of all its current and former members. They wish to start a reformation within the religion to turn it into something legitimate instead of a cult bent on gaining money and political influence.

14 March 2015

Cults: Jehovah's Witnesses

I'm beginning a new series on cults. A cult, as I will define it, is a political organization that masquerades as a religion, has a highly secretive structure and promises revelation of secret knowledge for ever increasing amounts of money (tithing), isolates members from their families and the outside world, is highly litigious, says that all other religions are wrong, or evil, and promises to correct all the errors with knew knowledge, uses brainwashing tactics on its members, and presents a view of the world and religious facts that is obviously wrong. The three main cults I will focus on are the Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, and Scientology. They all have pretty much the same structure, and, as we will see, both Mormonism and Scientology are forms of ET religion with very similar cosmologies.

To begin the series here is an hour long documentary film Witnesses of Jehovah.

The Watchtower has made about 20 "prophecies" of the exact date of the end of the world over the past 200 years that have all failed. They say that only 144,000 of their select Jehovah's Witness members will go to Heaven, and they've all already gone there so Heaven is completely full already. The Bible itself says that the 144,000 are all from the 12 tribes of Israel, so they are ALL Jews. The Bible also says way more people will go to Heaven than just that handful of Jews. Their doctrine blatantly contradicts all the stuff that is definitely true or at least probably true about the Bible. In fact, if Jesus said it you can be sure The Watchtower teaches the exact opposite. Jehovah's Witnessism is fake.

04 March 2015

The Covert Origins of ISIS

The US government created ISIS as a means of taking out Assad of Syria since he is an ally of Putin and the last leader in the region who opposes US hegemony. Simultaneously posted on Page 2. Runs 21 minutes.

03 March 2015

Understanding Classical Liberalism

Mr. E explains classical liberalism, the philosophy endorsing individual liberty based on natural law. Collectivists have hijacked the term "liberalism" to mean its antithesis. A very good video. Runs 8 minutes.

02 March 2015

Sympathy for Paedophiles

Mr. E explains the ultimate goal of the Left: legalizing having sex with children. Runs 11 minutes.