29 September 2015

China Sends Aircraft Carrier to Syria

The balance of global power has shifted.

China has just docked its aircraft carrier Liaoning-CV-16 at the Syrian port of Tartus on Saturday. This marks the beginning of a triple alliance between China, Russia, and Iran joining forces to maintain the sovereignty of Syria by destroying the CIA backed ISIS that was put in place to get rid of Assad.

Projecting power globally is the sign of a superpower. Previously only the United States, Russia, and the United Kingdom were capable of asserting themselves on the world stage. Now, as the UK and US are in decline, China has taken up the reigns. ISIS is so evil, so many have died, and the stability of the entire region, and by extension the world's oil, has come into jeopardy, prompting the world at large to intervene, just as they had when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990.

The new triple alliance bypassed the US entirely. China acted without even letting Washington know what it was doing until after everything was accomplished. This is how the US becomes irrelevant globally. It almost happened in 2011 when Muammar Gaddaffi announced he would only trade oil for gold, not US Dollars. The US had to murder him to prevent the Dollar from collapsing. Now the US is up shit creek without a paddle. The only way to stop China and Russia is full scale nuclear war, and I pray President Zero is not that insane. This looks to be the beginning of a new world order.

The Mystery of Death

Kriyananda expounds upon Yogananda's teaching of death, suicide, and the three worlds: gross, subtle, and causal. He talks about how desires become karma that keep us trapped in a cycle of rebirth. Runs 21 minutes.

28 September 2015

Liquid Water on Mars

NASA announced earlier today that liquid water was discovered on Mars. For decades there has been speculation that there was water some indeterminate time in the past and that it was all gone. People speculated that other factors were at play with what appeared to be (and in fact are) features that change seasonally (remember, Mars has seasons because of its tilted axis just like the Earth does). Well, now there's no hedging bets, there absolutely is liquid water on Mars.

Hydrated salts were discovered in the Hale crater in dark streaks that change with the seasons. In the Martian Summer the ice melts and forms salt water streams that refreeze in the Winter. The high salinity keeps the water liquid at temperatures well below its freezing point. The minerals in the water are mostly magnesium perchlorate, magnesium chlorate, and sodium perchlorate.

Water, so far as we know, is a necessary condition for life, and even though that water contains strong oxidisers, who knows, there may be life on Mars. Those microscopic fossils might just be the tip of the iceberg.

Dalai Lama Health Concern

He is doing fine.

The Dalai Lama is being evaluated at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, USA. His tour for October has been canceled. They are not releasing any details at this moment.

27 September 2015

The Power of the Guru

David Godman talks about the power of Ramana Maharshi to take away people's karma and confir upon them final realisation at the moment of death. A very moving talk. Runs 40 minutes.

05 September 2015

Get Out and Play

I was outside on this day with absolutely perfect weather and got to thinking about kids playing outside. From there it was an easy step to adults playing outside, and why they don't.

Adults don't play, they *exercise*. It's not fun, it's torturous and hard and adults complain all the way through, they complain before, they complain after. If *exercise* is so damn horrible why don't adults stop exercising and start playing again? It could take the same amount of time, you'll still secretly be getting exercise, only you'll be having a lot more fun, and joy makes the body's secretion levels normal.

Why do adults *exercise*? It's to impress people they hate. Adults want to look better than the people they hate so they exercise. Anyone who thinks it's to impress potential mates is a fool. Look around and see, ugly people mate more than attractive people, because ugly people learn kindness and at the end of the day people would much rather be treated with kindness by an ugly person than treated with scorn by an attractive person. Attractive people will hate you no matter how good you look, so stop trying. They've had it easy, getting through life on their looks, they don't give a shit about treating people right. You're wasting your time trying to look good to impress people. In the end it doesn't matter if you have pecs on your abs or if your clothing size is somehow a negative number. You'll still get old, you'll still die. So what if you live an extra five years if they're spent in misery? I'm not saying don't take care of your body, don't turn it into a sewer, just remember when you were a kid and you played instead of *exercised* your body pretty much took care of itself.

From there my mind went to the disgusting trend of hairless humans. They look like hairless mice. It started just with women shaving their legs because of a propaganda campaign by the razor companies 100 years ago, and then it moved to men and women being totally hairless from the neck down. It's disgusting. Hairlessness has always been a sign of disease, however in the world did people come to be brainwashed to believe it's attractive? I'm pretty sure if humans were supposed to be hairless they would be.

04 September 2015

The Worse Devils of Our Nature

2015 is a little more than half over and already wars have claimed 100,000 lives. In case you are wondering, that is more people than you will meet in your entire life. As I have been outlining every year since 2011 we are in a world gone mad. Tying into that thesis is a refutation of its antithesis, expressed in its most famous iteration in Steven Pinker's book The Better Angels of Our Nature, namely that this is the safest time in history.

To quote Samuel Johnson, I refute Pinker thus.

The 20th century was one long war, during which time more people died than at any time in history. And the wars have not ceased. There have been wars going on somewhere in the world during my entire life. 20,000 nuclear weapons sit on standby to wipe out humanity, up until the fall of the USSR there were stockpiles of enough biological weapons to kill 50 billion people. 200 million people have been killed by communism in the past century, another 500 million have been aborted, mostly in China.

On top of the out of control homicide of the past century there is the great danger of globalism in the spread of terrible diseases. The Spanish Flu in 1918 infected a quarter the population of the world, something that would have been impossible prior to the invention of trans-oceanic travel, killing 100 million people. The world has become so inter-connected that any disease can just hop a plane and be anywhere in a day. And with the insane level of sanitation and over reliance on antibiotics of modern society these diseases have once again become impossible to treat, just like the Black Death from six centuries ago. Germs never had it so easy.

The 20th century saw the unnatural deaths of 800 million people, making it, without question, the bloodiest century ever. If people died at this rate this at any other time in history humans would have gone extinct a long time ago.

This is absolutely not the safest time in history, it is by far the most dangerous.

And here's even more evidence. Look at all these wars, all over the world, with tens of thousands of deaths.

• Civil war in Ukraine has claimed nearly 2000 lives in these past 8 months
• The same for Libya
• 20,000 people have been killed in Afghanistan
• The war with ISIS has killed 10,000 people in Iraq and 30,000 in Syria


One inevitably wonders what ancient wars Steven Pinker hallucinated to reach his conclusion that the past was so much more dangerous than today? The only genocidal monsters from antiquity were Chingis Khan and Timur, and while the Islamic conquest of India and the Black Death were certainly horrific, humans were largely powerless to act on those catastrophes. Any modern army in the world could have prevented the genocide in Darfur or Rwanda, but instead chose to sit back and watch. Modern people are certainly no more moral than people from antiquity. In fact, the converse is probably true, that modern people are far less moral than at any time in history, choosing to do nothing while millions are raped and murdered around the world.

More people are dying today than have died before. There are more slaves today than at any time in the past. 85 people control half the world's wealth and use it to manipulate world events for their own benefit instead of wiping out disease, famine, and poverty for two billion people. People absolutely are less moral today than ever before, and the world is a far more dangerous place because of it. And if Steven Pinker thinks the opposite then he is deluding himself and is another part of the problem instead of the solution.

03 September 2015

Oldest Quran Yet Discovered

Fragments from the Quran were discovered in Birmingham and have been dated to around the time of Muhammad's birth, or slightly before.

Keith Small, from the University of Oxford's Bodleian Library, added: "This gives more ground to what have been peripheral views of the Koran's genesis, like that Muhammad and his early followers used a text that was already in existence and shaped it to fit their own political and theological agenda, rather than Muhammad receiving a revelation from heaven."

This is more evidence in support of the hypothesis that the text of the Quran comes from Syriac Christian sources in the Negev that were altered by Muhammad or someone else to justify the Arab conquest of the region. This is why the sites associated with early Islam are being destroyed by the Saudi government and others, not to prevent people from worshipping at Muhammad's birthplace, but to hide the fact that the religion of Islam was created after the political movement had established itself, to to distance it from its Christian and Jewish roots.

01 September 2015

The Hidden History Of The Human Race

A 45 minute video composed of bits and pieces of interviews with Michael Cremo from the 1990s about how the scientistic magisterium deliberately lies about human antiquity. Includes information on Virginia Steen-McIntyre and the controversy in Hueyatlaco, Mexico.