24 January 2015

Hijacking the Holy Land

You would have to be either a moron or a liar to think the "Fakestinians" have any legitimate claim to the land of Israel.

This has nothing to do with the Bible. Secular historical documents from Egypt, Greece, Persia, and Rome attest to the continuous habitation of the land of Israel by the Jews for 3300 years.

The indigenous inhabitants of the land now known as Israel were called Canaanites. We've no idea who they were, but a large number of archaeologists agree that the people known as the Israelites were just Canaanites who converted to Judaism, explaining the rapid assimilation of the two cultures. Anyway, Egyptian records attest to the existence of an established civilisation called Israel dating back to at least 1200 BC, meaning a nation-state called Israel, composed of Jews, existed in the area since at least 1300 BC.

In about AD 700 Muslim Arabs invaded and conquered the Graeco-Roman territory of Israel, renamed Palestine in AD 70 after the Jewish Revolt. They didn't colonise the area to any great extent, and many areas in the region were largely free of Arabs until the 1930s and 1940s.

Hard archaeological and historical evidence attests to the continuous Jewish habitation of the land for 3300 years. Muslim Arabs have been in the land for only 1300 years, about a third of the time. Hell, Greeks have a more legitimate claim to the land than Muslim Arabs, since they've been in the region since 332 BC, a whole thousand years longer than the Muslim Arabs.

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