27 January 2015

The Second Holocaust

Today is the day when we remember the Holocaust, an event that really happened and really was as bad as history says it was, despite what insane, brainwashed people on the far left and the far right want to believe. Humanity said they would never let this happen again, but it did happen again, and again, and again. Genocide never went away, only today it is being perpetrated by the one group who has infinite power in the West; the one group who is totally immune from all criticism: radical Muslims. Dare to point out Islamic hatred of Jews and you'll be called a racialist, you racialist.

Dare to point out that all the Islamic theocratic shithole countries surrounding Israel, countries that the left loves with all their heart, all treat women like property, all murder homosexuals on sight, all brainwash children with fanatical religious ideology, all outlaw or severely limit access to any form of entertainment, be it music, television, or sport, all treat the so called "Palestinians" as propaganda pieces, keeping them in refugee camps in Jordan and Egypt where they are not allowed at all to integrate into society, all treat anyone who is not a Muslim as a third-class citizen dhimmi, and all slaughter their animals in the most inhumane way possible, as proscribed by their religion, and you'll be called a racialist, you racialist.

Dare to point out that Israel is the only country in the region that is secular, is socialist, is pro-gay, is so pro-women that tens of thousands of women serve on the front line next to men in the military, is so multicultural that there are a significant percentage of government offices are held by Arab Muslims, and is responsible for inventing most of the technology that progressives in the West use daily, and you'll be called a racialist, you racialist.

Israel stands for everything progressives in the West love, and the Islamic theocracies stand for everything progressives despise, and yet, somehow, progressives are able to pull their heads out of their asses and say with a straight face and not a clue just how hypocritical they are, that they love the Islamic theocracies and hate Israel.