17 March 2015

Three Stages of Jihad

David Wood explains the three stages of jihad - how Islam infiltrates an area and claims victim status, then, when it gains strength, uses terrorism to "defend" itself from infidels, and then, after all enemies are subdued, aggressively spreads to a new area to make new populations submit. Runs 24:50.

Cults: Mormonism

Two videos, both produced by former Mormons. The first is a short primer on what Mormons actually believe, including God once being a mortal man from another planet who only later became God, spirit children being transported to Earth to live in human bodies, and becoming gods to rule over your own alien planets. Runs 4 minutes.

In the next video a former temple worker proposes a challenge as to what exactly will count for evidence that Mormonism is a fraud perpetrated by Joseph Smith and his successors. Runs 13:40.

Cults: How Mind Control Works

Former Mormon and physician Joshua (last name unclear) explains how cults employ mind control using the BITE model (Behavior control, Information control, Thought control, Emotional control) of Steven Hassan, famous cult expert. He explains the specifics with examples from Moromonism: how they control what you can, and cannot read, who you can and cannot interact with, what you can wear and eat, lies they tell about doctrine until you are higher level initiates, and exhausting members with constant activities. Runs 29 minutes.