03 April 2015

Holy Sepulchre 3D

If the crucifixion took place in 33 AD then the day was today, 3 April. The last time Holy Week took place at the same time as the first Holy Week was 1942. The next time it will happen again is 2026. If my calculations are correct Jesus was killed 2 weeks before his 39th birthday.

On such an auspicious occasion, the first in the lives of probably most people who have ever visited The Urban Mystic (though I love my septuagenarian readers just as much, probably more), I will take this time to write a very special piece about the most famous man who ever lived. On Easter Sunday I will put up a piece I call "Integral Christ".

For now enjoy a lovely trip through time and space to see how the Holy Sepulchre looks today and as it looked in 1149, 336, 135, and 33. Runs 14 minutes.