05 September 2015

Get Out and Play

I was outside on this day with absolutely perfect weather and got to thinking about kids playing outside. From there it was an easy step to adults playing outside, and why they don't.

Adults don't play, they *exercise*. It's not fun, it's torturous and hard and adults complain all the way through, they complain before, they complain after. If *exercise* is so damn horrible why don't adults stop exercising and start playing again? It could take the same amount of time, you'll still secretly be getting exercise, only you'll be having a lot more fun, and joy makes the body's secretion levels normal.

Why do adults *exercise*? It's to impress people they hate. Adults want to look better than the people they hate so they exercise. Anyone who thinks it's to impress potential mates is a fool. Look around and see, ugly people mate more than attractive people, because ugly people learn kindness and at the end of the day people would much rather be treated with kindness by an ugly person than treated with scorn by an attractive person. Attractive people will hate you no matter how good you look, so stop trying. They've had it easy, getting through life on their looks, they don't give a shit about treating people right. You're wasting your time trying to look good to impress people. In the end it doesn't matter if you have pecs on your abs or if your clothing size is somehow a negative number. You'll still get old, you'll still die. So what if you live an extra five years if they're spent in misery? I'm not saying don't take care of your body, don't turn it into a sewer, just remember when you were a kid and you played instead of *exercised* your body pretty much took care of itself.

From there my mind went to the disgusting trend of hairless humans. They look like hairless mice. It started just with women shaving their legs because of a propaganda campaign by the razor companies 100 years ago, and then it moved to men and women being totally hairless from the neck down. It's disgusting. Hairlessness has always been a sign of disease, however in the world did people come to be brainwashed to believe it's attractive? I'm pretty sure if humans were supposed to be hairless they would be.