02 October 2015

Russia in Syria

Russia is launching air strikes against the "Free Syrian Army", the "moderate rebels" who were created by the CIA, just like the CIA created ISIS. Russia is destroying all the heavy weapons and the high ranking officers so that the Iranians can pour in and slaughter ISIS unopposed.

In one day Russia has done more to protect humanity against evil than the US has since 2010. Vladimir Putin is the saviour of the free world, the greatest world leader of my lifetime. He is leading a coalition of free countries opposed to the New World Order.

The CIA created ISIS, warmongers in the US want to start a nuclear war with Russia. The biggest warmonger in history, who would win the Nobel War Prize if there ever was such an award, that complete monster, who was never a war hero, who has done everything in his power over the past 40 years to stonewall programs to help veterans, the worst enemy of US veterans ever, that evil son of a bitch John McCain who deserves to burn in Hell forever, wants the US to give surface to air missiles to shoot down Russian jets.