12 October 2015

Hitlery's Emails Found!

Hitlery Roddamn Clinton destroyed her illegal private server that was used to illegally release top secret documents in a brazen act that would have put any lesser government official in prison immediately. Thousands of top secret emails were destroyed so the FBI could not see what horribly illegal things she did in the worst scandal of any Secretary of State in US history.

Well now they were found! Tech company Datto Inc. was paid to backup the emails and they stored them on a cloud server that Hitlery Roddamn Clinton and her coven of bitches didn't have access to. Datto Inc. handed over all the emails to the FBI! Apparently none of Hitlery's minions knew the Datto cloud existed.

Maybe now we can get on to putting her in prison for life where she belongs.

Beginning of WWIII in Syria?

We already know that the CIA created ISIS. We know that Russia destroyed them in a week of bombing. Now, not to be made a fool of, the New World Order has decided to escalate from proxy war to outright war. British pilots now have been given the green light to shoot down Russian jets over Syria.

British pilots who feel their lives are threatened, are now permitted to launch air-to-air missiles at Russian jets. I don't even know what the British are doing there. They have no business in Syria, other than escorting the millions of fake refugees into Europe to transform the continent into Eurabia.

This seems to be evidence indicative of bad things on the horizon. This is Afghanistan all over again. The US is leading the way supporting Islamists in a proxy war against the Russians, and in ten years we'll have another 9/11, if not sooner.  Historical events recur and escalate.