30 March 2016

Anti-Trump Rioter Feeling the Burn

Feel the burn baby, feel the burn for real.

A 19 year old obese sea cow Cultural Marxist socked a man in the face unprovoked at a Trump rally and got pepper sprayed in the face, and in the one video she admitted she deserved that!

Then the media spin it as a 15 year old poor baby victim was sexually assaulted by an evil white cis-het man and another evil white cis-het man sprayed her. And everyone knows the story is shit.

Everyone in the comments of all the mainstream sites saw the full video and knows it's shit. She socked a man in the face unprovoked and was sprayed in self-defense. No one touched her, she's just a violent leftist who thought she could get away with being a crybully. Everyone in the comments is congratulating the man who sprayed her, because that's what happens when you sock someone in the face unprovoked, man or woman, you get your ass handed to you as you deserve.

Cultural Marxists are not going to win without a fight. We have learned your tactics and can counter them. Everyone has a phone, we can see when you initiate violence, you can no longer claim to be the victim and use the grossly immoral "legal" system to bully the average American. Humanity will defeat you.

29 March 2016

Climate Models are Horseshit

When models fail to predict reality those models need to be trashed. Reality is reality, and bad models need to be trashed. The climate models of the past 30 years have been demonstrated wrong every time, it's all crap designed to secure infinite grant money. Runs 13 minutes.

28 March 2016

A Future I Did Nazi Coming

I just had a brilliant, and sad, idea. What if we changed two things about history? What if the Nazis were not driven by fanatical racialism, just German nationalism, and what if they won WWII?

The second part is easy to imagine, it very nearly happened several times, but Hitler was chronically disposed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Britain could have been knocked out in the first month at Dunkirk, or starved out if one stupid pilot didn't drop his magnetic mine on a sandbar and let the British get a hold of it, Rommel could have driven his tanks all the way to Persia, took all the oil Germany could have ever needed, and started a massive rebellion in India to cripple Britain, and Moscow could have been taken had Hitler not sent Army Group Center all over Russia on a wild goose chase.

The first part is more difficult to imagine, but I'm allowed one break from reality in this counterfactual and that's the one I'm taking. In my scenario there is no Holocaust, just revanchist Germans who want to reclaim their place in the sun.

The first consequence of this scenario would be there would be no Cold War. There would be no clash of East and West, no rise of communism in China, no Korean War, no Vietnam War (the Japanese might have faced some trouble, but they probably would have just slaughtered people until the rebellion died down), no nuclear arms race. What about a war between Germany and Japan? What war? A cold war would mean technological parity, and that just did not exist. The Japanese were very good at copying things, but they were terrible at coming up with new designs on their own. The Japanese Zero fighters which were shooting down American planes left and right in 1941 were rendered useless by American innovations like the Hellcat and the radio proximity fuse. As long as the Germans don't give their technology away then the Japanese would not get nuclear weapons, not for many decades, at least.

And neither would America. If the Nazis do not drive out the Jewish scientists as they did in our timeline then all the greatest minds in the world would still be in Germany.

Whether the Germans would have developed an atomic bomb during the war is hard to tell. They might not have needed one. Assuming they were working on all the advanced science projects in the new timeline as in ours, then at the very least they would have developed something called "Virus House", which was a bomb filled with plates of enriched uranium separated by kerosene, which acts as a neutron absorber. The bomb was supposed to be dropped over Britain at a few places (London, Scapa Flow) in the water where the force of impact would send the uranium plates crashing into one another setting off a chain reaction that would contaminate the water an spread radioactive steam over a wide area. These were not nuclear bombs in that they would never go critical, they would be like miniature Chernobyls. Had there not been a German brain drain before the war they really could have come up with their own Fat Man, maybe drop it on Stalingrad if need be, depending on where their timeline diverges from ours.

Another consequence of this scenario would be routine space travel. You could imagine taking a rocket plane from Berlin to Tokyo in 3 hours. Germany was working on something they called the "America Rocket", which was a 2 stage man-piloted rocket that would fly all the way around the world and deliver a kamikaze nuclear attack on New York City. They were also developing something called the "Mars Rocket". I'll let you guess what that project's destination was. When you consider that German rocket technology is what was behind both the US and Soviet space programs, it's not difficult to imagine the Germans getting to space all on their own after the war ended. One can imagine the Germans landing on the Moon by 1955 and reaching Mars by 1980. By 2016 there would be permanent colonies on both the Moon and Mars, and maybe a floating colony on Venus (Venus' atmosphere is so dense that a capsule filled with regular air at 1 Earth atmosphere pressure would float like a balloon). Using nuclear pulse rockets a 50-year mission to the nearest stars would have been launched and might even be half way to its target. A two generation crew would be on board, with the future scientists who would do all the exploration leaving Earth as infants to be taught by their parents on the way. Most of the adult crew would likely be dead by time the ship reached its destination, and the babies would now be 50 years old. It would necessarily be a 1-way trip, but there was no shortage of people willing to die for the Fatherland.

What would happen beyond that is harder to imagine.

26 March 2016

The Life of Jesus Christ

I'm collecting, and ultimately re-editing and expanding, everything I've written about Jesus on The Urban Mystic. This has been my intention for a few years now, to basically write a short book called "The Life of Jesus Christ: An Urban Gospel". Currently it is 9,000 words, but I'd like to double that over the next year. You can read it by following the link in the text or just below Page 2 News.

20 March 2016

The Science of Eternity

An older documentary with Alan Pemberton, featuring interviews with survival enthusiast Michael Roll, physicist Ronald Pearson (whose work has come under scrutiny by other pro-survival scientists, including Brian Josephson), Tom Harrison and Gwen and Alf Byrne who have participated in medium circles where their loved ones materialised, and David Icke, who talks about why the elite do not want us to believe in life after death. Runs 68 minutes.

19 March 2016

Spirituality in 2016

Ken Wilber talks about the "spiritual but not religious" people in one of the footnote videos and there's points of agreement and disagreement I have with his assessment. I've written about this topic at least twice before. Just taking his numbers as given, 20% of Americans are "spiritual but not religious." Ken says they don't want the mythic elements of organised religion, they want direct access to genuine transpersonal realities. And I think there's definitely some of that. In the back of everyone's mind there's the drive to return to the Source, but I don't think that's the main reason people are checking out of religion, and I say that because people don't seem any more "spiritual" today than 50 years ago. People today seem much less likely to accept non-physical realities, and they also seem far less moral and far more materialistic. I think the main push is that people don't want guilt. People reject absolute morality so they can have, mostly, guilt-free sex, along with guilt-free gluttony (1/3 of Americans are obese), guilt-free envy, celebrity worship, and just all around hedonism. That's why drug addiction is so high, because people know they are living crappy lives and even though they have rejected religion they still know that buying $400 of shit and wondering why you bought it is wrong, people know this Weimar cabaret lifestyle of nights of heroin use and anonymous sex with 50 people followed by mornings of detoxing with green coffee enemas is wrong, and it's causing massive anxiety and massive depression. I do not see this as an ascent to Integral spirituality, I see this as a descent into egocentric hedonism.

He also mentions the mindset of terrorists, that I've written about here. He does a good deal of equivocating, "Southern Baptists bombing abortion clinics"? When was the last time that happened? "Buddhists releasing sarin gas in the Tokyo subway"? Aum Shinrikyo are not Buddhist, they are an apocalyptic cult led by a blind man who believes he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ as prophesied by Edgar Cayce. That's not Buddhism, nor is it Christianity, it's worship of a charismatic figure by nihilists. And he lumps these people in with Al Qaeda (and radical Islam by extension). He says the reason these terrorists exist is because modernity has no place for their ancient religions, so they will destroy modernity completely. Well, if that were the case why are so many terrorists highly successful, highly educated Westerners? These people very clearly don't reject modernity because they are mostly educated professionals. Saudi Arabia, the largest state sponsor of terrorism, the place where Salafism was invented, exists only because of modern technology! These people do not reject modernity, they reject the meaninglessness of post-modern boomeritis.

I'm not saying very bad Christians don't exist, just that the worst of them tend to be assholes who disrupt solder's funerals. The very small handful who turn to violence can be easily handled (and are easily handled) by the police. They are such a tiny minority that they can be dismissed as mentally deranged. The only two groups of people who have a very large number of very violent terrorists are radical leftists and radical Islam. All, or very nearly all the mass shootings of the past decade have been perpetrated by radical leftists who were on psychiatric medication, the other groups causing trouble, the Black Lives Matter people who burnt Ferguson and Baltimore to the ground, they are opportunistic nihilistic leftists. I have yet to see a prototypical far right group like the KKK or Neo-Nazis kill a lot of people in the US in the past two decades. And there is no small minority of Muslims who support terror. In every majority Muslim country surveyed the majority of the populations, while not terrorists themselves, support terrorism, or at the very least a strict interpretation of Shariah that says infidels have no rights, women are property, gays should be murdered, and Christians and Jews should be second-class citizen dhimis. Religions do not need to get with the program and integrate modernity, not to eliminate terrorism, cultural Marxism and radical Islam need to stop seeing terrorism as a means to achieve political ends.

17 March 2016

The Joe Rogan Experience with Graham Hancock

Joe Rogan talks with Graham Hancock about ancient civilisations, the ice age, psychadelics, the war on drugs, and why the power elite don't want us asking questions about deep antiquity. Runs 2 hours.

16 March 2016

The Purpose-Guided Universe

Dr. Bernard Haisch, astrophysicist and UFO enthusiast, author of The God Theory and The Purpose-Guided Universe, talks about God, physics, the anthropic principle, and the meeting of science and religion. This talk is a little dated, as the Higgs boson has since been discovered (or, more accurately a Higgs boson has been discovered, there might be more than one), but it is still very good. Runs 2 hours.

15 March 2016

Richard Rose

Richard Rose
Do things for the sake of a higher power, and it will correctly guide your every step. There is a god within every man... that finds his contact with the Chief Engineer of this scenario... the Absolute God that has everything planned or is able to at least enable us to see that everything is for the best. And the best includes eternal contentment at the cost of momentary inconvenience.

Yesterday was Richard Rose's birthday. He would have been 99 years old.

The American Buddha. The last unquestionably enlightened being of the 20th century. Mr. Rose, as he was called, was only ever interested in one thing his whole life: the Truth. He got special permission to enter a Capuchin seminary at age 12, believing the way to Truth was to become a Catholic monk. He was disillusioned with the worldliness and lack of critical thinking within the Church, so he left at age 17 to find the Truth through science. He studied chemistry and physics and worked in a laboratory and on submarines, but was again disillusioned by the whole system of science as just another ego trip. Rose then decided to embark on the path of mysticism, making his body "a laboratory, not a cesspool." He became a vegetarian, stopped drinking alcohol, coffee, and tea, and became completely celibate, later remarking "Those years of celibacy and solitude were the most joyful of my life."

At the age of 30, in a hotel room in Seattle, Richard Rose had an experience of death as had Ramana Maharshi half a century earlier, wherein the last of his ego was dropped and he experienced God Realization. For years he lived a quiet, unassuming life afterward, not speaking about his experience until 1972, when he gave his first public lecture. The next year he would publish The Albigen Papers, a book outlining the system he had used 26 years earlier to gain enlightenment. Rose would continue to give talks and teach a handful of students at his ranch in West Virginia, until the 1990s when his health began to decline from Alzheimer's.

When asked if consciousness survives death Mr. Rose said "Yes. If it did not, I wouldn't talk to you. If oblivion were what is waiting for you, I would keep my mouth shut. It would be better for your peace of mind. It's better to have peace of mind if you're going no-place. If I had discovered that oblivion were the answer, I wouldn't talk."

But immortality is not all it's cracked up to be. You have to cultivate the enlightened mind in this lifetime in order to prepare for very real prospect of continuing forever: "You have to go through these traumas in life--now, while you're on Earth--in order to improve your situation after death. Everyone may be immortal, but we don't all go to the same place when we die. Awareness may not terminate for anyone, but you can't expect to advance into a dimension that you haven't mentally vaccinated yourself to beforehand. If the average mind--with its convictions and limitations--landed in an Absolute dimension, it would think it was either in oblivion or hell."

And about his own death, he said: "My life is no longer tied to this planet. This place is a stage, and when you leave, you turn out the lights."

After his death the teachings of Richard Rose have been kept alive by the TAT Foundation (Truth and Transmission), in West Virginia.

If you want you can buy his book The Albigen Papers at the link to the right.

08 March 2016

Male and Female Energies

Kriyananda talks about the differences between the male and female creative energies, the strengths and weaknesses, and how the two compliment one another. He talks about both the spiritual and the physical aspects. Runs 20 minutes.