06 April 2016

The Working Class Will Elect Trump

The average person is fed up with cultural Marxism, "safe spaces", speech policing, and other policies that allow hundreds of radical Muslims to infiltrate their countries and murder thousands of people.

Donald Trump is the only candidate who challenges cultural Marxists. He is the only one who threatens to burn the whole system down, to end the corrupt political establishment. Trump is the only outsider in a race full of career politicians. And he is waging total war.

Cultural Marxists will destroy the US if they are not stopped, just as they have destroyed most of Europe. And then people like ISIS and MS-13 will take over. They will slaughter all the pussies demanding safe spaces and trigger warnings as easily as the Mongol hordes conquered half the world. Then the West will become as Syria or Afghanistan. Civilisation will be reduced to tribalism. The tough people, the last surviving veterans, bikers, football hooligans, they will have to take back the world and rebuild civilisation maybe 500 years in the future. But the West will never rise again once it is killed. The easy oil and coal needed to spark the industrial revolution will be gone, space travel will be impossible, technology will be reduced to the age of sail.

The working poor, the people most at risk, won't stand for it, I pray. They will turn out in droves to support Trump and kill cultural Marxism while it is at its zenith of power. The working class is fed up. The proletariat, the people who usually stay home on election day, will rise up and crush the political elite. They are the key to Donald Trump's strength. They are the key to saving the West.

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