24 June 2016

Brexit Passes

The British people have voted to leave the European Union! This is the greatest day for Britain since the end of the Second World War, and the greatest victory for freedom worldwide in the fight against the globalists.

The EU is the beating heart of the New World Order. It is an empire in all but name, ruled by unelected, unimpeachable, unaccountable bureaucrats in Belgium, the absolute moral anus of the known universe.

Belgium, if you recall, was behind the murder of millions, some say up to ten million people, in the Congo, the absolute worst atrocity carried out by any colonial power. Even today Belgium is still in the business of murder. They call it "euthanasia," but it's legal murder. This isn't the same thing as what is known as the "right to die," where terminally ill patients can choose to die with dignity rather than suffer, this is an extension of abortion, the greatest sin in the universe. Are your elderly parents a burden on you? Have the state murder them! How about your children? The state can murder them for you! Your already born children, eight, nine, ten years old, the state can murder them for you if they are a burden. Belgium is worse than Sodom, and it seems yesterday that God decided to act to cut the heart out of the Belgian European empire. A torrential flood in Britain kept remaniacs from going to the polls yesterday, allowing Brexit to pass by a narrow margin. God is pissed, and this flood was just the first of many plagues that will deal the death blow to the NWO.

You cut out the heart, you kill the beast. Brexit is like a guided missile directly into the heart of Satan. Without Britain propping it up the EU will stagger along, hemorrhaging for a short while until other nation states decide to declare their independence and reclaim their sovereignty. Brexit is only the beginning, there's a long way left to go, but humanity has already taken one giant leap.

The next step is to elect Donald Trump in November. Next week I will explain in detail why Donald Trump is the last hope for America. Voting for him is taking a gamble. He might be spooked by the globalists. They might take him downstairs when he is elected and show him the Zapruder film and say "Fall in line, slave, or else!" He might be stonewalled by Congress. There's a million things that could go wrong, but Donald Trump is the only candidate who can actually do things right. If we can put him in office and he is able to fulfill a third of his promises, then globalism is dead. If Britain turns away from socialism and Donald Trump gets into office and achieves his goals, then the New World Order will be slain. That's how we win.


12 June 2016

The Origin and Solution to Violence

I am convinced that the vast majority of violence in the world is caused by bad parenting. Yes, a very small minority of people are naturally evil, but we can put systems in place to deal with them effectively. Most people, however, are evil because how they were raised. No one saw the warning signs at an early stage and dealt with them. And the reason for that is because well over 99% of all parents have no clue what they're doing. They never learned to develop the proper faculties, so they fall back on the same devious tricks their parents used to raise them, and the great circle of crap makes another turn.

What is violence? Violence isn't just hitting. In fact, violence mostly has no physical component at all. Most violence is psychological. Lying, bribing, using guilt or shame or envy to manipulate, hypocrisy, threatening, all forms of deception and mind games are forms of violence.

Why do people lie? Because their parents lied to them so they think lying is acceptable. People see all the horrible things their parents do to them as children, and it forms a mental program. If parents can do it to children, which should be the closest bond, and that's okay, then there should be no problem doing it to a stranger. It is a self-perpetuating system.

Children are a parent's number one priority. Children are a parent's number two priority. Children are a parent's number one hundred priority. Everything else is dust in the wind. You made the mess, you opened the door and brought someone into this world - without consent - who will suffer, grow old, and die. You did that, now it is your responsibility to fix it. You created this disaster of human suffering, now it is your responsibility to alleviate it.

Similarly, the solution to violence in the world is good parenting. That too is a self-perpetuating system. The more good parents there are the more children will grow up to become good parents, and then the system will flip and violence will diminish.

There is no other solution.

09 June 2016

The Apports of Amyr Amiden with Stanley Krippner

A fantastic discussion with Stanley Krippner and Jeffrey Mishlove.

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., professor of psychology at Saybrook University, is a Fellow in five APA divisions, and past-president of two divisions (30 and 32).

Here he describes his research in Brazil with an unusual spiritist medium, Amyr Amiden, who had the ability to produce apports. Krippner describes how his team observed over ninety instances of objects simply appearing in mid-air and dropping to the ground in front of startled observers. The objects included semi-precious stones, medallions, and even jewelry. Many research papers were published regarding these observations. Furthermore, the research team was able to record various physiological, and geomagnetic, measurements while the phenomena occurred. Krippner’s studies are probably the most extensive, scientific observations of apports on record.

Runs 30 minutes


Self-acceptance is not accepting yourself as you are, with all your faults, that is shadow hugging. Self-acceptance is about accepting who you really are: the true Self, free from delusion and attachment.

06 June 2016

The Gods Themselves

"Eyewitness reports of human encounters with "supernatural beings" have been documented as far back as the painted caves of Upper Paleolithic Europe 35,000 years ago and brought right up to date with bizarre accounts of abductions by aliens in the twenty-first century. Such reports include powerful common themes... that science is unable to explain."  

Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind, Revised Edition, Graham Hancock, page 269

What are the gods? Could billions of people from pre-history have believed in lies, founded on nothing but the hollow words of priests? Or were the gods based on some truth, some genuine metaphysical intelligence that humans contacted and communed with?

The gods, or the germ of the gods, began as extensions of the Truth. For whatever reason they fragmented; were rent from Truth and thrust into contact with the world: Dionysus, Anubis, Azazel, Quetzalcoatl, Huitzilopochtli*, and others. Not all the gods, most are just myth; the personification of abstract thought. Did the average Greek believe in Zeus, or Athena, or Ares? Probably not. They represented aspects of human psychology and served as a means of learning these truths, just as ego, superego, and id centuries later.

Ares and Athena are both gods of war - personifications of abstract ideas - but they signify different approaches to war. Ares represents the old style of fighting, like Achilles or barbarians; men who fight for personal glory and bloodlust. Athena represents civilised warfare, with strategy and tactics and allegiance to the city-state. Stories involving the two were commentaries on societal evolution, from archaic to classical; from tribes and kinship groups to political entities that united multiple disparate families.

However, some gods represent genuine aspects of Truth that can be approached through transpersonal experience: the original teachers of mankind. Millions of people, from all times and all nations, speak of meeting the same entities through the use of drugs, fasting, or rhythmic dance. They cannot all be sharing in the same hallucination, or else be imitating one another from reading past accounts. No, these experiences must point to a genuine reality.

Over the countless eons, psychic garbage has accumulated around these fragments and they've taken on lives of their own. What began as projections of Truth were, through prolonged exposure to the collective shadow of humanity, rendered into entities with thoughts and personalities all their own. Wise and powerful beyond all conception, yet totally dependent upon humans for their existence. This is the condition of the gods. A lack of prayers cannot starve them, as in Aristophanes' The Birds, or has commonly been believed throughout the centuries. They do not need us to believe. Our beliefs merely give definition to their form. They have appeared in every culture under many names. All they require is the continuation within the collective unconscious of the same thought patterns, the same vortices, that created them. And so it does not matter if you believe in Anubis per se, it is the psychopomp, the one who delivers souls from this world to the next. Call it Yama, or the Grim Reaper, or Charon, or the Being of Light, it is still the same entity by whatever name you give it, and so long as the need remains for such a being, so shall it continue to exist, in all the different guises disparate cultures have given it.

That is the folly of man, thinking himself Adam, with the power to change the essence of a thing by changing its name. Water is still the same whether it is in a pot, or a towel, or on the floor, or in a cloud, or ice. A man is still a man, whatever mask he wears, by whatever name he refers himself. You cannot change a horse into a cow by changing the definition of "cow" to include horses, nor can you affect the gods by believing, or disbelieving, or by granting them different titles. You can lie to all the world, but in the pure light of Truth you cannot lie to yourself, and you will find, when you die, the lies you've told become chains and anchors preventing you from ascending to the Truth.

These gods are not the God, and though they live a long time, they are not immortal, and must return to the Truth eventually, when humanity has evolved and there is no further need for this world. On the contrary, a true immortal, though his body may die, his soul will remain as the unique expression of his being, even when his identity shifts from the individual to the Truth itself, dissolving the illusion of separation. The soul of the immortal is indestructible, even if he does not see himself as the individual.

In part two I will look at the nature of that which we call God.

*The god of human sacrifice. The Aztecs were unique in all the world for the sheer brutality and the numbers of their victims. Something, very dark and diabolical, had to compel the Aztecs to commit ritualised murder on such an enormous scale.