30 October 2016

NATO Delenda Est

Over the years, since 2002, I've intensely studied the First World War, and what we're seeing right now is a repeat of August 1914.

A century ago millions of men died for absolutely nothing, and millions more would survive with their minds and bodies destroyed. A world that had been stable for 40 years, where conflict between the great powers seemed impossible, was overturned, resulting in the rise of fascism and communism, and, ultimately, the death of an additional 150-200 million people over the 20th century.

There was no reason to fight the war. There was nothing to be gained and everything to be lost. And it all started because of the byzantine system of alliances the great powers had entangled themselves in. These alliances seemed to them to mark the end of all war, as war with any one member state would mean war with the whole world, and no rational person would want that. But, in truth, that system of alliances is what dragged the whole world into the war, turning a small regional conflict, no, a small regional incident, into a four year long meat grinder.

We find ourselves today in the same situation. NATO has 28 member states, including the world's only superpower, the United States, along with Britain, France, and some unstable places like Turkey and Albania. Just like those 1914 alliances, an attack on one member state necessitates war for all 28 members, guaranteeing that any regional disturbance will blow up into global war.

Pundits will assure the plebs that such an alliance is a safeguard against all future wars, but they're lying, just like the pundits of a century ago.

If Estonia is invaded, and at this point there is absolutely no evidence that Russia has any designs on the Baltic, that would drag the US into nuclear war with Russia. Nuclear war means death for the majority of people on the planet. Tell me, are you willing to die for Estonia? Are you willing to murder 5 billion people for Estonia? Because I'm not. And even though Russia has no intention of invading, it is the easiest thing in the world for some NATO guys in fake Russian uniforms to kill a few border guards in a false flag attack and spark a war if the neocons wanted one.

NATO was established to counter the Warsaw Pact, a similar alliance involving the Soviet Union and other eastern European communist states. The Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union are long gone. The Cold War is over, and all the cold warriors are approaching their 70s and 80s. Are you, young men, willing to die in some old man's war? Are you, young women, willing to die because some octogenarians want to stroke their egos one last time?

The recent coup attempt in Turkey and their brazen acts of shooting Russian jets should make clear to all rational people that NATO represents an existential threat to the continued existence of humanity on this planet. NATO is a ticking time bomb that, when it goes off, will start nuclear war.

Donald Trump was absolutely correct. NATO is not only obsolete, it is a suicide pact and it should be dissolved.

28 October 2016

Europe on the Brink of WWIII

Russia has just tested its RS-28 missile, dubbed "Satan 2" by NATO. It can carry up to 40 megatons of warheads, enough to wipe out tens of millions of people, and, if launched from up to 1000 miles away, can destroy New York and Washington DC before our defenses can even detect them.

The missiles do not carry typical MIRV warheads, but the new Object 4202 hypersonic glider warheads. These new warheads travel between mach 5 and 10 and can take advantage of their aerodynamic shape to change direction, making them impervious to all currently deployed anti-ballistic missile countermeasures.

Each missile can carry up to three hypersonic warheads, and each warhead can wipe out a city or a carrier battle group.

Why did Russia do this? Because they are being surrounded by NATO, as Clinton bangs the war drums.

The UK sent 800 troops to Estonia to threaten Russia with war. Why? Because even though Russia has showed absolutely no interest in Estonia, the neocon cold warriors still think this is the 1960s and the evil empire is trying to overrun Europe. They think Ivan will pour through the Fulda Gap with more tanks than God and reach the Rhine in seven days.

And there is no bigger neocon warmonger than Hitlery Clinton. She foams at the mouth, shouting down Russia, promising nuclear war. She soils her Depends just thinking of 5 billion people being reduced to charcoal by 7,000 nuclear missiles.

Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Romania are being flooded with 40,000 NATO troops, including Americans.

Meanwhile 40 million Russians took part in nuclear war drills, seeking out their local bunkers so they know what to do when the warmonger Hitlery Clinton decides to push the button.

The UK has threatened Spain not to allow Russian ships en route to Syria to refuel at Spanish ports, and so Spain backed down.

Clinton is so worried about the 250,000 people in Aleppo, because only the US is allowed to murder hundreds of thousands of civilians, no one else. It doesn't matter that up to 1 million Iraqis, mostly civilians, died in the war that she voted for. It doesn't matter that she wants regime change in Syria because the elite who fund her want to build an oil pipeline through the country, it doesn't matter that millions more will die if Assad is eliminated, and that billions will die in nuclear war. Clinton has to stare down Putin because he's the only one on the planet who is resisting US aggression.

 Clinton gave Russia the uranium to build nuclear missiles capable of wiping out the United States. 20% of US uranium was sold to Russia in a pay-to-play scheme in exchange for Clinton Foundation "donations".

On live TV she revealed that our response time is 4 minutes, letting them know how far from the coast they need to park their subs to wipe us out before we even notice the launch. 4 minutes by ballistic missile is about the distance from the coast to Bermuda. If Russian subs are closer to the coast than that, they can launch their missiles and destroy our cities BEFORE our defense installations can even detect the launch. Clinton gave the Russians knowledge on how to conduct a decapitation strike against the US, a first strike that eliminates our ability to launch a retaliation.

Clinton calls Putin "Hitler" and threatens to start a war when she gets in the White House. Clinton wants to start a war with Russia after giving them our uranium and letting them know what our nuclear response time is. It's almost as if she wants Russia to annihilate the US.

If you like your world war you can keep it.

Trump said he will negotiate with Russia. Clinton said she will go to war to enforce a no-fly zone designed to eliminate Assad and conquer Syria to get the oil. The choice between life under Trump and death under Clinton is yours.

06 October 2016

Cults: Veganism

Lierre Keith is a writer, radical feminist, food activist, and environmentalist (three out of four isn't bad). She's written a book, The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability, that exposes the cult of veganism and how it is destroying the planet (literally).

Amazon's description:

Part memoir, nutritional primer, and political manifesto, this controversial examination exposes the destructive history of agriculture—causing the devastation of prairies and forests, driving countless species extinct, altering the climate, and destroying the topsoil—and asserts that, in order to save the planet, food must come from within living communities. In order for this to happen, the argument champions eating locally and sustainably and encourages those with the resources to grow their own food. Further examining the question of what to eat from the perspective of both human and environmental health, the account goes beyond health choices and discusses potential moral issues from eating—or not eating—animals. Through the deeply personal narrative of someone who practiced veganism for 20 years, this unique exploration also discusses alternatives to industrial farming, reveals the risks of a vegan diet, and explains why animals belong on ecologically sound farms.

Agriculture is tremendously destructive of the environment. The vegan lifestyle is actually the least environmentally friendly of all possible options. Forests and fields need to be cleared, habitat needs to be destroyed, aquifers need to be drained, and oil needs to be drilled to make fertiliser. The system of agribusiness we have in place right now is only possible due to massive government subsidies and petrochemical fertiliser. 5 billion people are alive today because of artificial phosphate fertilisers and ground water irrigation. Those phosphates won't last forever, and neither will the groundwater, just like the guano. Personally I suspect there's two or more centuries worth of oil that remain to be exploited, but phosphates and ground water are being depleted faster than they can be replenished, and I don't put much hope for future utopianisms. Old methods of agriculture can only supply food for about two billion people, not seven, and it takes millions of years for aquifers to fill with water and caves to fill with shit to be used to grow food for five billion real people who will die if they don't eat anything.

There was a great discovery in 1802 of something called guano. Guano is bird shit, and it is perfect for fertiliser (and for making explosives and gunpowder). The great powers of Europe waged wars and colonised the entire planet in search of guano. For thousandsof years seabirds had crapped on tiny rocks and islands, creating piles of guano hundreds of feet thick, and it only took about a century for all the guano to be mined. How long will it take for all the groundwater, phosphate, and oil to be mined? 50 years? 100? Some places like Saudi Arabia, which had tremendous aquifers, have already depleated their groundwater in a single lifetime. They engaged in massive agriculture, growing cash crops like alfalfa and soy that use a tremendous amount of water, and now that they've run out they are buying up water in the United States to grow soy on US soil, depleating our own water reserves.

Some people, most people I would assume, place hope in "future science". "Future science will solve all of our problems!" Has it? Most animals were not designed to eat corn (a human invention of the Andes peoples). But the government subsidises corn, and petrochemical fertilisers can grow a ton of it cheap, so tons of corn are grown and fed to animals to fatten them up quickly. Those animals, because they are eating junk and living in their own shit in cages too small to move, need to be pumped with antibiotics to keep from dropping dead. Massive reliance on antibiotics in factory farms have produced superbugs that are now resistant to all of our drugs of last resort. Just this year colistin, a drug so potent and toxic that it was used only to combat bacteria that would respond to no other treatment, has just met its match in drug resistant superbugs. How could this happen? Because although colostin was only very rarely used in humans, China pumped tons of the stuff into pigs and chickens to keep them from dropping dead in hideously polluted factory farms. Just this May the first colostin-resistant bacteria was discovered. We have no idea if that bacteria has escaped into the wild. Even if it has not we're not too far away from a time when all antibiotics are rendered useless (unless we develop new ones, and there haven't been any new antibiotics in decades). In a single lifetime we have seen the rise and fall of drugs to combat disease.

It's not just superbugs, it's our own bodies too. We're not designed to ingest massive quantities of grown hormone, antibiotics, estrogen from birth control that ends up in the water supply, and all the other toxic crap we're putting into food to grow lots of it really quick and make it last forever.

What if "future science" doesn't solve all of our problems? What is "future science" anyway? It's that stuff no one wants to invest in because it's not two hundred year old science. I love oil. I'm sitting on oil, typing on oil, looking at pictures projected on oil, in a house lit by oil, and I eat food that exists only because of oil, but maybe we should be investing in things beside oil because it's stupid to rely on only one kind of power source, just in case something bad happens to it?

Getting beyond that, the human body isn't designed to eat a plant diet. Most plants are toxic and need to be cooked to destroy those toxins before it is safe to eat them. Even then, most plants aren't too good for your body anyway, and cellulose is impossible to digest, so most of what you're eating just ends up filling the toilet. Some animals can digest plants, animals with very long, complicated guts. Pack hunters like humans, have shorter guts designed to digest meat from animals with longer guts. Herbivores do all the work, we get all the benefit. It's win-win really. Cows, sheep, and pigs are tremendously successful species, because they taste good. Domesticated animals have a very good chance of reproducing. That's why there are billions of them. These animals have thrived, while their wild counterparts have gone extinct, because they have adapted to life under human control. Eating meat keeps many species from going extinct, keeps wilderness land from being destroyed and turned into farms, and provides the human body what it needs to survive.

That said, there's a right and a wrong way to raise animals. The factory farms that pump animals full of antibiotics is the wrong way. What's the right way? Read the book.

Philosophy and Post-Mortem Survival with Stephen E. Braude

Stephen Braude discusses philosophical questions related to survival of consciousness. He brings up two interesting points. First, that we're thinking of "super psi" wrong (he prefers to call it "living agent psi"). Most people think of the "super" more like super hero rather than super glue. It is not psi above and beyond anything we have experienced before, it is just really good quality psi (the issue of some remarkably accurate remote viewers was brought up. Check out Joe McMoneagle's Memoirs of a Psychic Spy, now in the convenient book section, for some stories.). Second, survival necessitates super psi, in that deceased persons would need remarkable ESP abilities to communicate with one another and the living, and to know what the living are currently doing, since they lack the five physical senses.

04 October 2016

Why I'm Voting For Donald Trump

Even if Trump does nothing he has promised, doing nothing for four years is still better than what Clinton will do in turning the USA into the USSA. It will take time to undo 43 years of cultural marxist brainwashing, and at the very least Trump will buy us time. Standing still is better than running into a volcano. We want to run away from the volcano, but at the very least standing still is better than running toward the volcano.

Trump is not a politician. He is not bought and paid for by special interests. He is not a globalist, he is not in favor of banker bailouts, or letting Wall Street have unlimited power to destroy economies and control governments. He opposes trade deals that favor gangster countries like China that make trillions in currency manipulation, and take jobs away from working Americans by incentivising businesses to move overseas.

If Trump wanted the power of the presidency he would not have waited until his twilight years to launch his campaign. The only reason he is running is because he is fed up with the political establishment and the MSM lying through their teeth and ripping us off 24/7. Trump cares about the future of America.

Runs 58 minutes.