13 February 2016

Differences Between Soviet Socialism and European (and American) Socialism

• Soviet socialism values the collective over the individual
• European socialism values special snowflakes with six self-diagnosed mental illnesses over the collective

• Soviet socialism has no minorities, all are equal
• European socialism worships minorities and grants them special privileges

• Soviet socialism reveres strength and patriotism
• European socialism reveres weakness, autism, morbid obesity, and multi-culturalism while seeing patriotism as racialist

• Soviet socialism has no racialism
• European socialism is nothing but racialism

• Soviet socialism punishes leeches and promotes negligible unemployment
• European socialism rewards leeches, punishes workers, and promotes extremely high unemployment

• Soviet socialism has women be equal to men
• European socialism has women be far superior to men with feminist bullshit

• Soviet socialism has freedom of religion, with people being free to profess belief in any peaceful religion or "atheist propaganda" (their words)
• European socialism has no freedom of religion, you are either a cultural marxist or a radical seventh century islamist; Christianity is outlawed in all but name

• Soviet socialism is proud of its cultural heritage
• European socialism is ashamed of its cultural heritage and instead worships cultures of barefoot hunter-gatherers and head hunters who still live in mud huts and die at age 30 in 2016

• Soviet socialism promoted childbirth for the good of the motherland while keeping abortion legal, which allowed for replacement level fertility rates
• European socialism sees childbirth as the greatest sin of them all and promotes abortion as the unholy sacrament of cultural marxism, resulting in well below replacement level fertility rates