15 February 2016

Scalia's Death Embroiled in Fanatical Partisanship

Try to get past your fanatical bigotry and hatred for anyone who disagrees with you and let's use our reason to look at a death that is very suspicious. If Obama, who I hate more than anyone, died at a hotel owned by Donald Trump under similar circumstances I would demand an investigation. Remember what I said almost a decade ago, "you can hate the man but you have to respect the office." A Supreme Court Justice died in a manner that looks a lot like murder. It doesn't matter if it was a staunch constitutionalist like Scalia or a rabid, fanatical communist like Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the media should be demanding an investigation.

Scalia was declared dead over the phone. The medical examiner did not ever see the body.

Judge Guevara never saw the body. She changed her mind from saying he died of a heart attack to saying he died of "natural causes".

No paramedics were called.

Scalia had no security detail. The hotel he was staying at, which was run by one of Obama's friends, a big Democrat donor, had no security cameras because they were being repaired the week Scalia was there.

His pyjamas and sheets were in immaculate condition, as if he just laid down and died on the spot, or if his already dead body was placed on the bed.

The body was rushed to a specific funeral home where it was embalmed on the spot as if they were in a hurry.

Please, pretend this was a fanatical left wing politician who died and take some Adderall to get all six of your brain cells to fire at once so your reptilian faculty of reason can admit that Justice Scalia's death was suspicious and there should be a proper investigation.

Was Antonin Scalia Murdered?

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the strongest opponent to the communist takeover of the US government on the court, died yesterday allegedly from a heart attack. His body was discovered with a pillow over his face.

Since there were allegedly "no signs of foul play" Presidio County Judge Cinderella Guevara declined to order an autopsy. The Scalia family also refused to have an autopsy conducted. The justice's body was rushed to a funeral home and embalmed post haste as if to destroy any evidence.

Maybe he did die of a heart attack, maybe the family has some religious custom or something where the body has to be buried within 24 hours, maybe there really is nothing to see here, but it is very suspicious that the most incorruptible Supreme Court justice dies with a pillow over his face and immediately everyone goes into damage control mode to say there was no foul play and to dispose of the body.