30 March 2016

Anti-Trump Rioter Feeling the Burn

Feel the burn baby, feel the burn for real.

A 19 year old obese sea cow Cultural Marxist socked a man in the face unprovoked at a Trump rally and got pepper sprayed in the face, and in the one video she admitted she deserved that!

Then the media spin it as a 15 year old poor baby victim was sexually assaulted by an evil white cis-het man and another evil white cis-het man sprayed her. And everyone knows the story is shit.

Everyone in the comments of all the mainstream sites saw the full video and knows it's shit. She socked a man in the face unprovoked and was sprayed in self-defense. No one touched her, she's just a violent leftist who thought she could get away with being a crybully. Everyone in the comments is congratulating the man who sprayed her, because that's what happens when you sock someone in the face unprovoked, man or woman, you get your ass handed to you as you deserve.

Cultural Marxists are not going to win without a fight. We have learned your tactics and can counter them. Everyone has a phone, we can see when you initiate violence, you can no longer claim to be the victim and use the grossly immoral "legal" system to bully the average American. Humanity will defeat you.