24 June 2016

Brexit Passes

The British people have voted to leave the European Union! This is the greatest day for Britain since the end of the Second World War, and the greatest victory for freedom worldwide in the fight against the globalists.

The EU is the beating heart of the New World Order. It is an empire in all but name, ruled by unelected, unimpeachable, unaccountable bureaucrats in Belgium, the absolute moral anus of the known universe.

Belgium, if you recall, was behind the murder of millions, some say up to ten million people, in the Congo, the absolute worst atrocity carried out by any colonial power. Even today Belgium is still in the business of murder. They call it "euthanasia," but it's legal murder. This isn't the same thing as what is known as the "right to die," where terminally ill patients can choose to die with dignity rather than suffer, this is an extension of abortion, the greatest sin in the universe. Are your elderly parents a burden on you? Have the state murder them! How about your children? The state can murder them for you! Your already born children, eight, nine, ten years old, the state can murder them for you if they are a burden. Belgium is worse than Sodom, and it seems yesterday that God decided to act to cut the heart out of the Belgian European empire. A torrential flood in Britain kept remaniacs from going to the polls yesterday, allowing Brexit to pass by a narrow margin. God is pissed, and this flood was just the first of many plagues that will deal the death blow to the NWO.

You cut out the heart, you kill the beast. Brexit is like a guided missile directly into the heart of Satan. Without Britain propping it up the EU will stagger along, hemorrhaging for a short while until other nation states decide to declare their independence and reclaim their sovereignty. Brexit is only the beginning, there's a long way left to go, but humanity has already taken one giant leap.

The next step is to elect Donald Trump in November. Next week I will explain in detail why Donald Trump is the last hope for America. Voting for him is taking a gamble. He might be spooked by the globalists. They might take him downstairs when he is elected and show him the Zapruder film and say "Fall in line, slave, or else!" He might be stonewalled by Congress. There's a million things that could go wrong, but Donald Trump is the only candidate who can actually do things right. If we can put him in office and he is able to fulfill a third of his promises, then globalism is dead. If Britain turns away from socialism and Donald Trump gets into office and achieves his goals, then the New World Order will be slain. That's how we win.