29 July 2016

Why Trump Is The Best Candidate For President

I was writing a piece titled "What is at Stake in the Next Election" until something called a "heat dome" descended upon the US and created weather approximating the fifth circle of Hell. Since both computers and humans don't like intolerable heat, that piece had to be put on hold. It appears that someone else has done a lot of the work for me, creating a fabulous three part video series that covers almost all of the same ground.

The first video examines the differences between Donald Trump, Hitlery Roddamn Clinton, and Obola. Two are career politicians who have never worked a day in their lives and have gotten to positions of high power through corruption, propaganda, and identity politics. Donald Trump has worked almost non-stop since he was a little boy and has taken incredible risks to create a global megabrand, recognised the world over as the mark of high quality. People say Donald Trump has no experience in politics, so this disqualifies him from being president. That's a lie for two reasons: 1. we've seen over the past two and a half decades what happens when we let career politicians run things, so being a career politician does not qualify someone to be president either, and 2. Donald Trump has extensive experience dealing with local, national, and international governments through his business operations. To get a board nailed or a bucket of concrete poured in New York requires deals to be made with half a dozen government agencies. Multiply that by all the properties Trump has built all over the world, and all the deals he has negotiated, and you can see that he does have political experience. Donald Trump has political and real world experience. That makes him the most qualified person to run in a long time.

Runs 20 minutes.