31 July 2016

Donald Trump and the Globalist Agenda

The last of three videos on why it is imperative to vote for Donald Trump. This one outlines the globalist agenda. As I've mentioned earlier this month:

What we are witnessing, since 2010, is the decapitation of secular leaders in the Islamic world and the empowerment of the worst monsters on the planet. And the US is behind it all, or is at the very least complicit and is aiding this sea change in the balance of power in the world through the use of military action. Egypt got lucky. The Egyptian military ousted the Muslim Brotherhood. But Libya, Iraq, Yemen, and likely Syria have fallen. Turkey looks like it is close to toppling as well.

And why do militant atheists who run the New World Order throw their support behind fanatical Islamists? Because they share a common enemy. The atheists want to eliminate the one power in the world that can defeat them: Christianity. But they can't do it alone. Generations of propaganda and brainwashing in the public schools have greatly weakened the Christian West, but the atheists cannot openly bloody their hands to deal the death blow. They must import millions of Muslim rapefugees to act as their shock troops. This mercenary army of mostly adult male supposed refugees then acts out of its own natural inclination to destroy that which it despises the most: the narcissism, hedonism, and meaninglessness that is what the West has degenerated into. The NWO do not need to command the thousands of radical Muslims who are being shipped in along with the millions of unvetted migrants, there doesn't need to be any established chain of command, the NWO just needs to invite the starving lion into the arena and let it do what it does naturally.

We in the West have one chance left to prevent our own enslavement and the destruction of the brightest light humanity has ever seen. If we don't elect Donald Trump in November then the destruction of the West will be complete. It's a gamble, to be sure. Trump might be assassinated, or overpowered by a criminal Congress, or a criminal Supreme Court, or he might just turn feckless upon taking office. But he's the one and only chance we have left. However big a gamble, he's our only hope, and we have to elect him this November.

Runs 26 minutes: