09 August 2016

Spirit Possession with Terence Palmer

"We have to acknowledge the simple fact that we are a possessing spirit. We are a spirit entity that possesses a physical form, and that's the fundamental groundwork that we have to work from."

Terry Palmer, PhD, is author of The Science of Spirit Possession. He is a member of the Society for Psychical Research as well as the Scientific and Medical Network. He is also a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Here notes that, while there are many negative connotations to the term spirit possession, there are also positive examples. He describes his encounter with an ostensible spirit who identified itself as Lao Tsu. He also presents an example of a negative encounter. He notes that it can be extremely difficult to distinguish between an autonomous spirit entity, such as the spirit of someone who is deceased, and thought-forms of our own creation. Both types of phenomena can possess an individual.