16 September 2016

The Truth About Carbon Dioxide

Patrick Moore, ecologist and former president of Greenpeace, explains in a very informative, short video on the necessity of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Over the past several million years carbon dioxide levels have decreased precipitously. Fake "climate scientists" and Hollywood leftists will claim that this is a good thing, since CO2 is the worst pollutant in the entire universe, but it's really a catastrophe that almost killed all life on the planet.

We all know CO2 is not the, or even a, driving factor in the Earth's climate, and we know that humans are not causing the Earth's temperature to warm. What humans have done is dramatically increase the concentrations of atmospheric CO2, which is the single greatest achievement of this species in saving life on the planet. Plants require CO2 to grow, and animals require plants to survive, and had humans not started releasing billions of tonnes of stored CO2 into the atmosphere then there wouldn't be enough for plants to grow within a very short geological timescale. Burning coal and oil have contributed greatly toward saving all life on Earth.