04 October 2016

Why I'm Voting For Donald Trump

Even if Trump does nothing he has promised, doing nothing for four years is still better than what Clinton will do in turning the USA into the USSA. It will take time to undo 43 years of cultural marxist brainwashing, and at the very least Trump will buy us time. Standing still is better than running into a volcano. We want to run away from the volcano, but at the very least standing still is better than running toward the volcano.

Trump is not a politician. He is not bought and paid for by special interests. He is not a globalist, he is not in favor of banker bailouts, or letting Wall Street have unlimited power to destroy economies and control governments. He opposes trade deals that favor gangster countries like China that make trillions in currency manipulation, and take jobs away from working Americans by incentivising businesses to move overseas.

If Trump wanted the power of the presidency he would not have waited until his twilight years to launch his campaign. The only reason he is running is because he is fed up with the political establishment and the MSM lying through their teeth and ripping us off 24/7. Trump cares about the future of America.

Runs 58 minutes.