21 June 2017

The Long, Slow Decline: The Next American Revolution

Nicholas J. Fuentes, a very bright young man, speaks with Stefan Molyneux about what I've been talking about in The Long, Slow Decline and What is at Stake in the Next Election. The globalist welfare state has failed. There's more debt than money, endless, pointless wars, and the absolute destruction of Western culture. Science, religion, morality, and aesthetics have been abandoned. Young people are living lives with no meaning and no opportunities. The world really looks to be on the brink of total destruction and descent into pre-industrial chaos from which it will never recover. Just maybe there is a way out. Maybe enough young people will get it and rebel against the meaninglessness of postmodernism and globalism and we can hit all the right marks just in time to prevent the apocalypse.

One of the best hours you will spend on the Internet.

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