30 November 2017

Giving Thanks versus Anger with God

Hating God or being angry with God is a form of idolatry. It is replacing God with a Bogey Man of your own ego. The idea of Super God leading to atheism makes sense, because Super God doesn't exist. Self-evidently, because otherwise there would be no problem of evil. The problem of evil exists because God isn't Super God. Super God doesn't go around solving other people's problems. Not believing in something that self-evidently doesn't exist is rational. It's poor theology, but it's still rational thinking. Misotheism, on the other hand, is completely irrational. Misotheism is seeing that Super God doesn't exist and then turning around and creating an evil counterpart to Super God. Misotheism is turning God into the Bogey Man.

26 November 2017

The Non-Problem of Overpopulation

Jordan Peterson explains why there is no problem with overpopulation. The human population will peak, technological increases will allow people to do more with fewer resources, and an increase in the wealth and standard of living of the poorest of the poor will lead to less destruction of the environment.

As I've mentioned earlier, and Jordan Peterson mentions in the video, humans are the only creature on the planet that has ever developed the concept of an ecosystem, and that's a relatively recent development. It hasn't been that long that humans decided the environment existed and needed to be protected, and we've made a lot of progress in that regard in a very short amount of time. Just ending open-air nuclear tests has dramatically reduced the amount of pollution that's being created. When you add to that other technologies, you get to a point where you have a well-developed country like the United States, which is a carbon sink (meaning the United States sequesters more CO2 than it emits, unlike places like China and India, which have no environmental restrictions and produce pollution so thick that it causes accidents.)

The major problem Jordan Peterson mentions regarding human misuse of the environment is overfishing and polluting the oceans (I would add depletion of groundwater). This is a serious problem, but not an insurmountable one, and if we let technology develop without the misanthropic mindset of the global warmingists controlling government policy and interfering with human advancement, then we should be able to find a solution before these problems become unsolvable.

12 November 2017

Population Will Peak At 11 Billion

Hans Rosling explains why a replacement rate of childbirth means that the human population will probably reach a stable limit of 11 billion. This is inevitable, provided the population explosion in Africa can be controlled by ending crippling poverty. The only way to get the population below 11 billion will be to institute a regime of mass murder and sterilisation. Responsible planning of resource allocation and energy development requires us to take into account a future world with 11 billion people.

05 November 2017

Jordan Peterson on the Meaning of Religion

Jordan Peterson explains how religion gives us meaning, how psychological systems are immortal, and how the new atheists are intellectually lazy.