17 February 2017

Top 10 of 2016

2016 was the biggest year for The Urban Mystic since it was started in 2006. The three months that saw the heaviest traffic were October, November, and December of 2016. Last month had 22% more visitors than the next busiest month, October.

There is no mystery about what the biggest draw of traffic was: the election. So much, in fact, that if I break the election down into three categories - general election, Donald Trump, and Hitlery Clinton - they will take the three top spots. For that reason, I'm counting the election separately, and including three additional topics that drew in considerable traffic.

Election Special

1. Hitlery Roddamn Clinton
The most corrupt person, and the first and only felon, to run for President of These United States, easily tops the list. With at least 38 individual posts there's no question that, for at least a good, solid month, The Urban Mystic was almost entirely devoted to detailing the evil and corruption of Secretary Clinton. And I only touched about 1/3 of the stack of stories I wanted to cover. Had I done more then stories would be pushed off the front page after fewer than the 24 hour minimum I set. I never imagined that self-imposed restriction would ever be challenged! There got to a point where I was suffering from corruption fatigue. Clinton had just done so much evil that there was no way to keep track of it all and her plethora of misdeeds just started to blend into the background and get filtered out.

2. The Election in General
Everything not directly related to Trump or Clinton. Including John Podesta, Project Veritas, Anthony Weiner, the RNC, and big name "conservatives" braying about "Muh Principles!" Including the very long thesis "What is at Stake in the Next Election", which would have made the top 10 on its own.

3. Donald Trump
The God Emperor himself! The entire election was not negative, also detailed were the numerous good qualities of my main man Trump. During the campaign Trump outlined many policies that set him apart from every other candidate who has run in the past 5 decades, including supporting national security, opposing the globalists in NATO, the UN, and big business, and wanting to give parents more control over their children's education. Sure, people like Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, and Bernie Sanders have said a bunch of the same things, but none of them had the strategic genius to pull in $2 billion in free advertisement from the MSM. None of them spoke the language of the common American. Good ideas are good, but when coupled with academic language those ideas are lost on the average person. Trump's great strength is his ability to communicate complex ideas in a simple manner.

The Other Top Ten

1. The Global Warming Hoax
We all know that g̶l̶o̶b̶a̶l̶ ̶w̶a̶r̶m̶i̶n̶g̶   c̶l̶i̶m̶a̶t̶e̶ ̶c̶h̶a̶n̶g̶e̶   climate disruption is the biggest crock of shit that's ever been conceived. We saw freezing temperatures turn the Sahara white for Christmas. Global warming, under whatever guise it manifests under, is the biggest scam in the history of the world. Trillions of dollars stand to be made or lost by researchers, governments, and fake green energy companies. Increased CO2 not only is not causing warming, it is leading to a greening of the planet by promoting plant growth. That's very important to remember, CO2 is plant food, and measures to cut CO2 output, or to scrub it from the atmosphere, will lead to global devastation. Plants had previously been starving for CO2, and it is only due to human activity that atmospheric concentrations have begun to increase to normal levels again.

2. World War Three with Russia
Maobama and the globalists are hellbent on destroying humanity in a nuclear war with Russia.

NATO is obsolete. It is a Cold War relic whose purpose has long since expired. NATO bases have slowly encroached on Russian territory over the past two decades in an attempt to provoke the bear into a suicidal nuclear war and create a unipolar world in which their power can never be challenged.

Europe was, and in a way still is, on the brink of war with Russia. NATO troops have flooded Poland and the Baltic states in a direct act of aggression. US nukes have been placed in Romania.

We really dodged a nuclear bullet when Hitlery Roddamn Clinton, the most corrupt person who has ever and will ever live, lost the election. Not only wanted to go to war with Russia, she promised to go to war with Russia if she was elected (and Iran too).

3. Cults: Veganism
G̶l̶o̶b̶a̶l̶ ̶w̶a̶r̶m̶i̶n̶g̶   c̶l̶i̶m̶a̶t̶e̶ ̶c̶h̶a̶n̶g̶e̶   climate disruption might be totally fake, but one thing humans really are doing that's destroying the environment is turning vegan. Agriculture is tremendously destructive of the environment. The vegan lifestyle is actually the least environmentally friendly of all possible options. Forests and fields need to be cleared, habitat needs to be destroyed, aquifers need to be drained, and oil needs to be drilled to make fertiliser. The system of agribusiness we have in place right now is only possible due to massive government subsidies and petrochemical fertiliser. 5 billion people are alive today because of artificial phosphate fertilisers and ground water irrigation. Those phosphates won't last forever, and neither will the groundwater, just like the guano.

4. Survival After Death
This is what started The Urban Mystic eleven long years ago. A number of luminaries within the field have discussed the finer points of spirit mediumship, the science of possession, the potential link between the mind and quantum functions within the brain, and the philosophical issues one needs to tackle to understand just what survival of consciousness entails.

5. Reincarnation
Reincarnation is one of those topics that is extremely misunderstood. One commonly held myth is that reincarnation was an integral part of early Christianity that was eliminated by Emperor Constantine or Justinian or someone else in some great ecumenical council for some nefarious purpose. That never happened. There have been rather tame debates about the pre-existence of the soul, but no evidence that I've seen indicates a wide-spread belief in reincarnation.

There are a plethora of questions that are raised by the very idea, and any potential mechanisms involved, in the process of reincarnation. A lot of spiritualists (people who follow the pronouncements of spirit mediums, not people who are "spiritual but not religious") seem to dislike the idea of reincarnation, or else concoct mysterious entities such as group souls and over souls that are the same and different from the individual soul at the same time to get past the idea of having to come back in person.

6. Turkey's Dissintegration
A failed coup attempt threw Turkey into turmoil and revealed President Erdogan as an Ottomanist and an Islamist who is viciously opposed by elements within the secular military that Ataturk tried to set up in 1923.

To make matters worse, Turkey has gone on a warpath, stopping at nothing to drag Russia into nuclear war with NATO by invading Syria and murdering a Russian ambassador.

7. The Day the Earth Stood Still
In 1951 a brilliant, well thought out science fiction movie was made about an alien that came to Earth in the wake of humans developing rockets and nuclear weapons. Together these technologies posed a direct threat to the alien civilisation. The alien told the world that if humans want to stay on the Earth they could do whatever they want, but if humans want to continue exploring space then they would have to abandon warfare and abide by the rules of the galactic federation. It made absolute complete total perfect sense.

In 2008 an all-star piece of CGI garbage was thrown together and the title The Day the Earth Stood Still was tacked on for good measure. Apparently humans are destroying the Earth, and since planets that support life are so astronomically rare aliens arrive to unleash a super weapon to wipe the entire surface of the Earth clean and re-seed the now barren planet with zoo animals, or something. Literally nothing about this movie makes any sense, and every single problem could have been solved in the first five minutes by giving humans non-polluting free energy technology. The only conclusion I could come up with as to why the aliens chose not to do so is because they are colonists who want to use the Earth for their own purposes and are cloaking their plan to exterminate humans under moral sounding language.

8. Antonin Scalia's Mysterious Death
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the strongest opponent to the communist takeover of the US government on the court, died allegedly from a heart attack. His body was discovered with a pillow over his face. And the whole ordeal with the government and fake news was suspicious as hell.

Since there were allegedly "no signs of foul play" Presidio County Judge Cinderella Guevara declined to order an autopsy. The Scalia family also refused to have an autopsy conducted. The justice's body was rushed to a funeral home and embalmed post haste as if to destroy any evidence.

Maybe he did die of a heart attack, maybe the family has some religious custom or something where the body has to be buried within 24 hours, maybe there really is nothing to see here, but it is very suspicious that the most incorruptible Supreme Court justice dies with a pillow over his face and immediately everyone goes into damage control mode to say there was no foul play and to dispose of the body.

9. The Great War Counterfactual
The First World War was a total disaster and a waste of life caused by warmongering Austrians who wanted to absorb Serbia to prove that the sun had not set on their empire. However, the scope and scale of the war could have been mitigated had Britain remained neutral, and it could have been avoided entirely had Russia not leapt to the defense of Serbia in August 1914. The Austrian army was well past its prime, and it was dealt a crushing defeat in 1914 at the hands of little Serbia. Had Russia not dragged Germany, with its bottomless reserves of highly skilled men, into the war, Austria would have limped home with its tail between its legs and 20 million lives could have been spared.

10. The Miracle of the Holy Blood
Saint Januarius' blood failed to liquify as it is supposed to do every year. For over a thousand years this yearly miracle has failed only a handful of times, coinciding with a terrible disaster every single time. Fake skeptics don't have a leg to stand on. Even if the blood is a hoax, like they say, it's a hoax that has a track record of predicting the future with 100% accuracy. Either it's a genuine miracle or some psychic precognition is involved on the part of the hoaxers, so either way the skep-dicks lose. What's in store for this year for Naples, we'll see.

Honourable Mention

The Trouble with Modern Spirituality
People who describe themselves as "spiritual but not religious" are most often the least spiritual, most materialistic, most hedonistic, most narcissistic, least compassionate, least charitable, least philosophical people on the planet. At the same time their nihilism and relativism is the main driving force behind the spread Islamic terrorism.